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Get Your Mindset Right; It’s Fast and Consistent that Wins the Race – Joseph Nantomah

Joseph James Nantomah, widely known as The Black Mentor, is a notable Nigerian millionaire and philanthropist in the diaspora. His entrepreneurial exploits in mentorship, investments and real estate have earned him recognition from several institutions, including Who is Who Professionals, the “Who is Who in America”, and even former US President Donald Trump with the Presidential Honours Roll. 

Business Elites Africa caught up with Nantomah to gain insights from this trailblazer bringing his highly successful mentorship programme, Wealthflow, to Africa. 

BEA: What’s your winning recipe for becoming a self-made millionaire?

Joseph Nantomah: The notion that anybody’s a self-made millionaire is not always true. Some people will say that, and it turns out the reality is; nobody’s an island. And one tree cannot make a forest except as a spiritual concept. 

I can’t say I simply woke up and became a self-made millionaire. No, I had people who helped me along the way. The secret recipe is building relationships wherever you go. You know, just as, you know, both in Africa and here in the United States, we have something in common; it’s called people. 

When you go into an environment or a line of business and want to grow, you have to find the people running that show. If it’s in journalism, you need to get into the environment and develop relationships with people who are in journalism. In my own case, it was real estate. When I came here, I had to find my niche. I had to find people who were doing this thing that I wanted to become successful at doing, whether it meant paying, giving services, or building relationships.

The challenge with a lot of upcoming business people is that they don’t want to be in relationships. They want to wake up, have access to you, and boom, you give them a million dollars. It doesn’t work that way. So what I did was I had to start building relationships, and some of them cost me money. The first money I used to invest in myself in the United States was $997; for my house rent. All I had in my bank account was $1,050. I took that risk, made sure I paid to get into that circle, and the rest is history. 

BEA: What would you say is a sign to take a leap of faith

Joseph Nantomah: You have to understand that life itself is so simple. If you cannot explain life to your eight-year-old child, you’ve not really caught it. This is how I explain it to my kids; life is monkey see, monkey do. See what someone is doing and duplicate it. Success is not hidden. Success is in front of us every day.

They are people who have done it, like Aliko Dangote; go and study what they have done, how they did it; the decisions they took. In my own case, real estate. I have great real estate people that I could see doing it in the United States. The likes of Grant Cardone, JT Foxx, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump. 

What made my job easier started on the 22nd of May 2017, I was with my immigration attorney to sign my papers for applying for immigration in the United States. I finished signing it, and paid. and asked, “What next; What do I get?” He was like, “Dude; you’re not getting anything. You’ve got to wait for a few months. We’ve got to process this documentation.”

I remember that day because it was my daughter’s birthday. As I was about to step out of his office, he looked at me and said, “Oh, well, Joseph, maybe you qualify for a library card.” 

And I held on to that literally. So as I left there and went to the library, I started reading. That year, I read 54 books. Every successful person who has ever written a book has put their secret inside their book. The question is, are you reading it? Are you going for it? What it did was work on my mindset. This pushed me to become inspired and motivated. 


BEA: How were you able to scale your businesses in 6 years? 

Joseph Nantomah: This is why I’m called the number one African mindset coach in America. Everything you want to do in this life starts with your mind, which is why I do not let anyone play with my mindset. They are certain things we used to hear in Africa that get stuck in our minds. You’ll hear that “slow and steady wins the race.” In America, it’s fast and consistent wins the race. 

In Nigeria, we market by dropping a letter and following up. In Nigeria, we market by dropping a letter and following up. You don’t do that in America; here, we use a lot of digital marketing. I can sit here and design a campaign advertisement with my team; I’ll target how many people I want to reach by their age bracket, the kind of money they are making, and other demographics. I can do this in less than twenty minutes which is fast, and then I’ll do it every single week consistently. 

What helped me was that I got into relationships with people who were already successful. One of my coaches is worth $6 billion. That kind of person teaching you is acceleration. I knew what to do I had the blueprint, and I took action. The reason why people don’t get to where they want is that they keep planning and replanning. They sit and talk, but they don’t take action. It doesn’t have to be big, because small actions lead to bigger ones. As I was learning within the first 90 days, I made my first $8000. I didn’t use the money to buy a gold chain; I reinvested it in my business. 

BEA: What mentor programmes do you plan for Nigeria and Africa?

Joseph Nantomah: I have 16 businesses that I run; one of them is Mentor America, which I’m using to coach many people here in the United States. Late last year I was on the beach in Tampa, and it came like a breeze. I heard this voice say, “you’ve made a lot of money, but money is not the principal thing, give wealth.” For you to be wealthy, it means you’re ready to build an empire.

When you have a successful business, you can run it on your own, but when you have an empire and build wealth, you need people. So I had to launch a new brand called Wealthflow. This is because people need knowledge. People reach out to tell me that they took a loan and can’t pay it back because they don’t have the knowledge to multiply that money.

BEA: What are some of your favourite books?

Joseph Nantomah: I like to read books that are that has stood the test of time. One of my favourite books is over 100 years old. It’s called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles; it’s a book I’ll recommend to anyone who wants to be successful. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, because I’m a huge advocate when it comes to thought and mindset. It’s a book that can change your mindset, and the moment this changes so many things about you will change. How to Invest Like a Millionaire by Bonita Joy Yoder, is also a very good one because in the world we’re living now just working and saving money will not help anybody; you’re not going to get there doing that. But when you invest, and you know how investments work, you become a leader in the industry. Look around you, all the most successful people, the Otedola’s of this world, the Dangotes, and Mike Adenugas; they’re all investors. 

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