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Companies - News - January 11, 2023

OpenAI Hints At Monetising ChatGPT For sustainability

The company behind popular ChatGPT, Open AI has hinted at the possibility of taking the paywall route. The decision comes as part of plans to ensure that the viral AI enjoys longtime sustainability.

Announcing the development via its official Discord handle, Open AI stated that the name of the paid version will be ChatGPT Professional.

Open AI also noted that the monetized carries professional features, some of which include: 

1. No blackout windows

This new feature will make the Open AI platform ChatGPT always available, unlike the free version. Users will have access to the chatbox anytime and every time.

2. Faster responses

OpenAI also noted that the professional version will make responses to human questions available without throttling. It also promises to double the daily number of answers available on the free version.

Sharing a waitlist form on the monetised version of ChatGPT, OpenAI disclosed that users who fill out the form on its Discord server could be selected to commence the ChatGPT Professional. It revealed that anyone can sign up for the ChatGPT Professional pilot, by providing answers to the request form. Some of the questions include:  How the respondent is using ChatGPT and what price would be considered fair?

While OpenAI keeps the ChatGpt available for all to use at full capacity for free, it stressed that the professional version is in its experimental stages and won’t be made widely available “at this time.” 

This development comes as OpenAI seeks billions in funding from close partner Microsoft. Reports making the rounds suggest that Microsoft plans to invest $10 billion in the AI tool. However, Open AI is yet to comment on the development. 

The ChatGPT tool which is currently free became popular because of its ability to help people write essays, emails, poems, and even computer code.  The Open AI tool continues to draw the attention of millions of people around the world because it presents solutions to the difficult problem within the shortest of time.

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