6 Side Hustles to Make Money in the 2023 Elections
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Money - January 17, 2023

6 Side Hustles to Make Money in the 2023 Elections

As the 2023 elections approach, Nigerians must not only get their permanent voter cards(PVCs) to perform their civic duty. They must also take advantage of the political season and make money from the electoral process. Yes, you read that right. The forthcoming 2023 elections offer a lot of business opportunities to those who know how to mine hard. 

Importantly, earning money ahead of the 2023 elections has nothing to do with risking your life by engaging in political thuggery or perpetuating electoral malpractices.  It simply involves expanding your network, positioning yourself, and offering the best of services. 

In this piece, we present 6 side hustles you can grind on, during the forthcoming election:

Customise Election T-shirt designs

Almost every political candidate uses T-shirts for publicity during elections, and 2023 will not be different. These T-shirts carry their names, parties, and their motto. Have you ever wondered who designed the Peter Obi or Tinubu polo or face caps, you see out there? Wonder no more, because it’s time for you to be a designer. All you need do is establish your custom T-shirt design business and market yourself to the politician. You may not have access to political contenders for Presidential or Gubernatorial seats, but you can access those seeking to represent your wards at the House of Reps or Senate.

Social media marketing and blogging

The 2023 elections have been a huge subject of discussion on social media. This is because social media can be used to reach out to a large audience. Rather than just make noise and argue endlessly about a political candidate, you can decide to convert your social media accounts into a money-making enterprise for you. Here’s what you need: Create a great social media profile and grow your followership. Once you have a great followership, political aspirants can call you to market their portfolios for them. This marketing will fetch you a lot of money than you can imagine. Also, if you have a good blog, you can prioritise political discussions, bordering on elections, that will attract traffic. Once your blog has garnered strength, you can make cool cash by helping aspirants push their campaigns.

Bill posting service

Pasting of political posters on the wall is one of the strong indicators that the 2023 elections are around the corner. These campaign bills increase the publicity of politicians.  Since politicians can not post these bills themselves, they pay people to help them. All you need do is get closer to them and indicate your availability. Also, if you are a graphic designer, you can suggest designs to them and post these bills for them.

Transport service

This is another side hustle that can fetch you money during the 2023 elections. Before you ask how? We’ll tell you. Do you have a bus or big vehicle that can be used to transfer people from one location to another? If yes, then that’s all you need. Politicians aspiring for public office usually travel a lot to showcase their political parties and manifestoes. Since they don’t travel alone, your vehicle could be one of those vehicles used to move the campaign train from one locality to another.  Don’t just sit and complain about the noise politicians are making in 2023, get involved and make money from their noise.

Participate in campaign rallies

Politicians pay huge amounts of money to gather crowds and create impressions for their opponents. So most times they hire crowds. All you need do is make yourself available at their campaigns. When you consistently follow them around for their campaigns, you would be paid decently.

Sell light refreshments

As politicians continue combing cities canvassing for support ahead of the 2023 elections, you can decide to make snacks like doughnuts, egg rolls, popcorn, zobo drink, etc, and visit campaign rallies. There are going to be a lot of people hungrily or thirstily standing in the sun. So, make these snacks, create a stand and make money.

Remember politicians would be throwing a lot of money around this season, so take advantage of it.

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