Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company Lays Off 12,000 Workers as Tech Giants Continue To Slash Jobs
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News - January 20, 2023

Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company Lays Off 12,000 Workers, as Tech Giants Continue to Slash Jobs

Alphabet, Google’s parent company says it’s cutting 12,000 jobs. This cut will affect 6 per cent of its workforce. The development makes it the latest tech giant to slash its headcount after rapid growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a memo released by the CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai on Friday, the tech giant blamed the current economic reality for the layoffs. Pichai hinted that those affected by the layoff “cut across Alphabet, product areas, functions, levels and regions.”

Alphabet, in the letter, noted that the company’s previous hiring did not prepare them for the current economic reality. The layoffs which affect Alphabet globally will impact US staff first before other countries.  It added that due to local employment laws and practices, the process may take a longer time in other countries.

The letter which was also emailed to staff explained that a town hall meeting will be held on Monday to discuss the news. 

Alphabet’s memo 

The memo issued by Sundar Pichai revealed that affected employees have gotten dismissal emails. Alphabet also apologised for the inconvenience the development will have on googlers. In his words, Pichai wrote, “the fact that these changes will impact the lives of Googlers weighs heavily on me, and I take full responsibility for the decisions that led us here.”

Pichai noted that the roles captured in the layoff plan were a product of a recently conducted review. He wrote, “we’ve undertaken a rigorous review across product areas and functions to ensure that our people and roles are aligned with our highest priorities as a company. The roles we’re eliminating reflect the outcome of that review.” 

Alphabet also took time to appreciate the efforts of googlers who have laboured hard to see the business triumph. It further promised to support “employees as they look for their next opportunity.”

Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon are some big names in the tech world that have also announced layoffs this month.

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