Elon Musk Hugs Superfan, Fidias Panayiotou, after Three Months of Trying
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Elon Musk Hugs Superfan, Fidias Panayiotou, after Three Months of Trying

Twitter CEO, Elon Musk has finally met with YouTuber Fidias Panayiotou. This comes after the YouTuber camped outside Twitter’s headquarters for weeks, seeking to get a hug from Musk. 

Reports say Panayiotou was at Twitter’s building in San Francisco, California, more or less every day from mid-October, including 69 consecutive days and an appearance on Christmas.

The YouTuber stayed undeterred despite criticisms online and several run-ins with security. It is also important to state that Panayiotou’s determination was described as malicious by Musk Mum.

Elon Musk and Panayiotou’s dream

Panayiotou, who has 1.4 million TikTok followers and 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, began his quest on October 8, 2022. He noted that he had hugged 99 celebrities, and wanted Musk, who he called his “favourite person in the whole world,” to be number 100.

Business Insider interviewed the YouTuber on his 47th day. He told them that he would continue trying to hug Musk “until I die.” Admitting that it was “annoying” Panayiotu insisted “I am doing this to show him, love.”

In December 2022, Musk promised to hug him because some kids in Qatar requested that he grants Panayiotou’s request.

Musk grants Panayiotou’s request

In a tweet on January 21, Panayiotou shared a photo of him hugging Musk with so much excitement. He wrote “We are definitely living in a simulation @elonmusk !” he wrote. “Happy National Hugging Day everyone.” In response, Musk quote-tweeted it with a hugging emoji.

The story of the YouTuber highlights the essence of consistency in business. Entrepreneurs must learn to stay true to their dreams, even when faced with difficulties. Challenges don’t define businesses, consistency does. Determination with diligence has helped a lot of business minds triumph. Learn this and attain success!

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