Africans Who Earn Above Beyonce’s $24 Million Daily
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Africans Who Earn Above Beyonce’s $24 Million Daily

The Queen Bee Beyonce created sparks when she earned $24 million from a private performance at Dubai’s Atlantis, The Royal. We decided to trail other Africans who have as much or above Beyonce’s impressive cash-in. 

These trailblazers on our list, have built businesses and made strategic investments which generate huge amounts of money for them. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Aliko Dangote

Africa’s richest person, Aliko Dangote owns the largest cement factory in the world. He also owns the second-largest sugar refinery and refinery plant in the world. And in a matter of months, the African is set to own the biggest refinery in the world. With a net worth of $13.5 billion, Dangote takes approximately $8.33 million home every month. He reportedly takes home around $273,972.6 per day. 

Johann Rupert

Rupert is known as the Richest man in South Africa. According to Forbes, He chairs the Swiss luxury goods firm Compagnie Financiere Richemont. With a net worth of $11.4 billion dollars, the South African owns 7% of diversified investment firm Remgro, and 25%  of Reinet, an investment holding company based in Luxembourg. In the first week of 2023, the African billionaire saw his net worth rise by more than $400 million.

Nicki Oppenheimer

This South African entrepreneur is an heir to the DeBeers diamond fortune. He sold 40% of the firm to mining group Anglo American for $5.1 billion in cash in 2012. Forbes reports that the billionaire boasts of an $8.5 billion dollar net worth. Reports say he makes $1.92 Million per week and takes home about $273,972.6 per day.

Nassef Sawiris

Sawiris is ranked as the richest man in Egypt with a net worth of $7.4 billion. The African owns and runs Orascom Construction, the construction arm of the Sawiris family business. Forbes reports that he is from Egypt’s wealthiest family, and holds a 6% stake in sportswear maker Adidas. Also, Bloomberg Billionaire Index reveals that he owns a 38.8 per cent stake in OCI N.V., one of the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers, with plants in Texas and Iowa. 

Abdulsamad Rabiu

Rabiu has a real-time net worth of $7.6 Billion according to Forbes. He is a Nigerian and the founder of BUA Group, a Nigerian conglomerate active in cement production, sugar refining and real estate. Rabiu, who inherited land from his father, set up his business in 1988. He owns 98.5% of BUA Cement PLC, which trades on the Nigerian stock exchange. This African billionaire earns millions per day from his conglomerate.

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