Kuda Lessens Customers' Fear Amid App Glitches
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News - February 1, 2023

Kuda Lessens Customers’ Fear Amid App Glitches

Kuda, Neo bank, has laid down the fears of customers who have been unable to access their money since Tuesday due to difficulties on the app. Kuda told customers that their money is safe and they would be able to access it once they resolve issues confronting the app issue.

Recall that the bank’s customers became worried when some of their account balances read zero balance when they had money in the account. Other customers could not log in to the Kuda app, let alone withdraw or transfer.

Kuda apologises to customers

In a message to customers, the digital bank admitted that its app has been experiencing difficulties. The message partly read, “We’re sorry that you still haven’t been able to use your Kuda app.” It also hinted that they are working with their cloud services provider to sort out the downtime.

The digital bank promised to notify customers when the app’s problem has been fixed. Speaking on the zero balances experienced by customers, it said, “We know that the ₦0.00 balance error reported by several people is worrying but we assure you that it’s just what the app is displaying because of the downtime, not the amount of money you actually have. We’ll keep sharing updates as we make progress.”

Reports say this is not the first time that the app is suffering downtime. However, the recent glitch is becoming the longest downtime period as customers can still not access their funds for over 24 hours now. Customers have taken to Twitter to register their displeasure over the app’s downtime.

Recall that in November 2022, over 1.4 million customers of Kuda Microfinance Bank were locked out of their accounts. The Bank which has no physical structure in Nigeria enjoys a broad base of customers from the youth. 

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