Microsoft Plans to Use AI Tech to Write Emails for Salespeople
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News - February 3, 2023

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Plans to Use AI Tech to Write Emails for Salespeople

Microsoft recently announced plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to write professional emails for people. The AI which is similar to ChatGPT will help individuals draft emails with personalized details for their recipients. 

In the announcement, The tech giant revealed that the new tech will be deployed in Viva Sales, Microsoft’s sales app launched in October. According to reports, Viva sales currently manages customer information and scan calls and emails with clients through AI. 

Microsoft also intends to use text-based software from OpenAI to write emails by sifting through customers’ data. After this, the AI will provide sales individuals with suggestions “make a proposal,” “reply to an inquiry,” or “suggest your own.” Once the salesperson makes his choice, the AI will provide the email, which he can review or edit to suit his needs. The question however remains why is the tech giant introducing this at this time. Here’s why:

Increased Efficiency

Using AI can save salespeople a lot of time and effort. Microsoft’s research revealed that a seller spends 66% of the day managing emails. This is a lot of time that can be channelled into other high-value tasks. With this innovation, salespeople will have ample time to prioritise other tasks that can promote productivity.

Improved personalization and professionalism

A test conducted on ChatGPT,  by Insider showed that AI can strike and sustain personal and professional conversations on sales with users. AI algorithms are also capable of analysing large amounts of data which can be used to create professional emails once specific details are stated.

Reduced errors

With AI the tendency of creating an email with grammatical or typographical errors is reduced. Salespeople understand that little mistakes can jeopardise customer experience. So, using AI can save them from errors and properly manage their relations with customers.

Data-driven insights

AI systems can be of great assistance when it comes to tracking email metrics. From monitoring those who open your email to those who respond to it, AI can present accurate data. These data can further help you in your email campaign planning. 


Building a brand requires a lot of consistency. Consistency in colour, message tone and communication. With AI-generated emails, salespeople can maintain a communication pattern that is unique to the company’s brand. This will help customers enjoy their experience and also increase sales and revenue for the organization.

With the above reasons, it is no surprise that Microsoft is taking the lead in giving the sales team the transformation they need. 

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