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Business - Tips - February 7, 2023

5 Jobs AI Would Not Replace

AI is fast dominating every area of our lives. From providing solutions to problems, making difficult tasks easy and optimising productivity, AI seems ready to displace humans from various industries. As humans worry about the security of jobs in an AI-dominated world, it is important to note that not all jobs will be replaced.

These jobs involve skills that require the large involvement of human presence, strategic interpretation, and critical decision-making. AI can’t design and create machines, they can’t offer care in hospitals, and neither can they stand in court to defend their clients and win the case. These jobs obviously won’t be easily kicked out, because as beautiful as AI may seem, it needs humans to be operated. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Engineers are professionals who invent, design, analyze, build and test machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets and materials to fulfil functional objectives and requirements.  They require critical thinking, intuition, and creativity. AI can’t do this. It acts based on the information it is built with. AI can’t think, it can not see the bigger picture. It cannot assess the impact the engines or machines will have on humans.  It can’t consider the limitations imposed by the practicality, regulation, safety and cost of these machines. So, it would be difficult for them to replace engineers.

Live Performance

Most AI can’t hold a live performance to entertain humans. They don’t understand the current emotions their audience feels. They can’t perform on-stage dramas, songs and comedies that will inspire, entertain and educate humans. This is because they lack a sense of humor. AI’s can’t play musical instruments like guitars, drums, violins, etc so they won’t be able to replace live performers. Also, AI lacks empathy, flexibility and adaptability, so it limits its abilities. 

Negotiating Deals

In negotiation, interpersonal communication is needed. You need to be able to communicate your deal effectively. Maintain a good tone and drive home your demands. AI can’t do all of these effectively. Negotiating deals requires that you show up convincingly every damn time. It requires some levels of compromise. As the interest of both parties is at stake, AI can’t manage the differences in humans and why their actions differ. They can’t easily figure out new situations, without being updated. This is one of the reasons why replacing negotiators will take a while.


Lawyers guide their clients in decision-making. Importantly, this is done by strategic thinking. They conduct research, examine the pros and cons, and interpret laws for individuals. Legal professionals figure out new solutions, after considering previous facts and problems. They stand and support their client in court by arguing and presenting facts on behalf of their clients. AI can’t replace them because it requires a lot of human presence. Lawyers also help in preparing wills, appeals, deeds and contracts. These all require the active participation of humans. So, it may be difficult for AI to entirely kick out lawyers.


Caregiving requires human presence. It involves emotions. AI cannot listen to your woes, can’t feel your pain,  change your baby’s diapers, neither can it nurse your baby to sleep. It can’t support you when you are at your weakest. Caregivers assist people who can’t do a thing for themselves. They clean their waste and make them feel comfortable. AI can’t make a dish. It can’t create the emotional bond, caregivers share with their clients. Caregivers beyond the menial services, figure out creative ways to make their clients happy and more comfortable. This is something an AI can’t do. An AI can’t tell at first sight if a person’s health is degenerating or not. All these factors are reasons why it may be difficult to replace the jobs of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. 

Conclusively, AI can’t generate new ideas. This alone shows that at the moment it can not entirely replace humans. Our creativity and imagination make us superior to other beings.

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