To Stay Relevant, Humans Need to Fit into Technology - Microsoft's Oluwamuyemi Alexander
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Opinions - Tips - Visionaries - February 8, 2023

To Stay Relevant, Humans Need to Fit into Technology – Microsoft’s Oluwamuyemi Alexander

Orimolade Oluwamuyemi Alexander, Marketing and Communications Manager- Microsoft Africa Development Centre(ADC) West Africa says humans need to fit into technology so that they don’t become redundant. His statement comes in reaction to widespread fears that ChatGPT will replace humans in the nearest future.

Oluwamuyemi made this assertion when he delivered a practical session tagged “ChatGPT AI: The Ultimate Use Cases For PR Professionals” at the February edition of the Public Relations(PR clinic) held at Eko FM Multipurpose Hall, LTV Agidingbi, Ikeja.

During the practical session, Oluwamuyemi revealed that ChatGPT was launched by OPenAI in November 2022, as a program that could hold conversations with humans, answer questions and respond to statements. He also itemised the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT. 

Also, he disclosed that ChatGPT has three phases: Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive. Oluwamuyemi explained that when ChatGPT was launched, it was at the descriptive stage. He added that it has now moved to the predictive phase. He further noted that when it gets to the prescriptive phase, the program could massively replace humans.

Describing ChatGPT as a productivity tool for practitioners, Alexander noted that the program should change how professionals see their profession. He went ahead to list ways communication practitioners can generate revenue from ChatGPT. They include:

Offer ChatGPT-powered customer service as a service to clients

Oluwamuyemi noted that communication practitioners can provide 24/7 support to customers by answering their questions and resolving issues. As professionals, they can use ChatGPT to quickly provide answers to the challenges faced by their clients at an estimated charge.

Use ChatGPT for content creation and charge clients for the generated content

For communication practitioners who deal daily with content creation, Alexander hinted that ChatGPT can help them generate content for articles, blog posts,  and social media updates for clients. He further suggested that professionals can generate revenue by charging their clients for the generated content.

Offer ChatGPT-powered media monitoring and reputation management services to clients

The Communications Manager also explained that practitioners can use ChatGPT to monitor online mentions of a client’s brand. He noted that through the use of ChatGPT, practitioners can provide insights that will grow the client’s brand quickly. Similarly, ChatGPT can identify and address negative comments and reviews. When negative comments are addressed, it helps build a positive online image for the client. When practitioners deliver great services like these with ChatGPT, they generate revenue for themselves.

Use ChatGPT for campaign planning and analysis

Campaign planning and analysis are important aspects of public relations. Oluwamuyemi noted that ChatGPT can be used to provide suggestions for PR campaigns. Beyond providing suggestions, it can also analyse the impact of the campaign. Alexander also said that practitioners can charge clients for insights and recommendations generated using ChatGPT.

Furthermore, Oluwamuyemi said ChatGPT can be integrated into existing communication tools and services for clients. Once this is done, communication practitioners can proceed to charge clients for access to the enhanced offerings.

ChatGPT which has been predicted to have a user base of 1 billion by the end of 2023, is challenging professionals to improve their skills so that they can stay relevant.

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