Why You Should Not Spend Money on Valentine's Day
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Tips - February 13, 2023

Why You Should Not Spend Money on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day celebration on February 14 is usually associated with extravagant and impulsive spending – lavish gifts, romantic dinners and expensive getaways. However, the current global economic woes would seemingly force many to think twice before spending a dime, especially for average income earners. 

The situation would be direr for Nigerians, who are battling a cocktail of economic problems – unavailability of naira on one hand, fuel scarcity and election tension on the other. The optics look bad for lovers who may have had big plans for the 2023 Valentine’s day celebration. Unless you have deep pockets, you’d need to be creative to make your significant order feel loved.

These crises coupled with Nigeria’s inflation rate, which is an average of 18.5%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), are enough reasons for you not to splurge on Valentine’s day. 

With less than 24 hours to the 2023 celebration of Valentine’s day, it is pertinent to explore the following reasons and reconsider your spending. 

It is expensive to celebrate Valentine

Celebrating valentine’s day this time in Nigeria is very expensive. This is because of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) naira redesign policy that has made it difficult to get cash. The policy, which gave rise to naira hoarding and bank vandalisation has also worsened the living conditions of many. Asides from the naira scarcity, fuel scarcity and the long queues in filling stations have led to an increase in the price of goods and services.

Spending money on flowers, teddy bears, and getaway trips this season also means you will be paying double or triple the normal cost. This is because manufacturers and retailers leverage the day’s rush to exploit consumers. What you will get at a cheaper price on a normal day, you may get double the cost on Valentine’s day.

What’s the fuss about Valentine’s day

You must not spend money on Valentine’s day because the day is not as significant as we make it seem unless you’re teenager a or young adult that just caught the love bug.

Love can be celebrated every day. Couples express love to each other in different ways every day. There are 364 days in the year for you to appreciate your friend or loved one. No one says it must strictly be on Valentine’s day. 

The beautiful thing is that the world won’t stop rotating because you failed to celebrate Valentine’s day. So, why spend money needlessly? Don’t allow anybody to pressure you to spend the money you worked hard for. In 24 hours, the holiday would have come and gone. If you don’t think carefully, your savings would go with the day.

Money can’t buy love

Although this statement is arguable, it holds water in most cases.  Spending money to impress someone who doesn’t care so much about you rarely works. They may stay with you for the material benefits and bail when they realise you can’t fulfil that obligation any longer.

Also, it is crucial to note that any relationship built on material possession is inevitably heading for the rocks, it’s just a matter of time.

While love may be a worthy investment, Valentine’s day could be the wrong day to make that investment, because you may be making a wrong investment. Again, making a wrong investment in a bad economy will be a double jeopardy for you.

There are better things to spend money on

Instead of spending your money on Valentine’s day, why not invest in other things? You can use your money to register for a course, secure a contract, buy stocks, buy books etc. For emphasis, Valentine’s day is not important in the grand scheme of life. The year is still fresh, take advantage of it and use your money on something that can make you better. If you don’t have anything to spend your money on, save it. 

It’s the thought that counts

One thing people forget easily is that it is not the money spent on a thing that counts, it is the kindness behind the action that matters. While Valentine’s day is a good day to make people feel loved, you must not spend extravagantly to do that. 

A thoughtful act of kindness would count more than that portrait or expensive dinner. 

According to a 2019 Boost Valentine’s Day survey, 84% of respondents said that a gift wasn’t that important to them. While half of the respondents noted that a cosy night would be preferable to going out.

Writing a hearty note to your loved ones, preparing their favourite dish, and spending quality time with them are beautiful ways to demonstrate love. Furthermore, the activities that surround Valentine’s Day celebrations are designed to boost February’s economy. So be wise!

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