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Industry - February 14, 2023

5 Incredible Projects Across Africa in 2023

Africa is not just a home to some of the finest billionaires. The continent also houses impressive projects targeted at improving lives and solving some of the most pressing issues facing their communities.

These projects, such as Dangote’s $19 billion Oil Refinery, reflect the continent’s commitment to innovation and creativity. It also highlights the dedication of African billionaires to addressing some of the most pressing challenges that Africa faces, including poverty, inequality, climate change, and access to education and healthcare.

The five incredible projects we’ll explore in this article spotlight the incredible potential of African entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators to drive positive change in their communities and beyond. From Nigeria to South Africa, Ghana to Egypt, these projects are transforming the way Africans think about innovation and progress. Let’s dive in:

Dangote $19 Billion Oil Refinery 

Located in the Lekki Free Trade Zone in Lagos, Nigeria, the Dangote Oil Refinery is set to become the largest single-train petroleum refinery in the world. The refinery is built by the Dangote Group, a Nigerian multinational conglomerate founded by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote. The refinery has a processing capacity of 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

When completed the project will meet Nigeria’s demand for oil products and consequently move it from an oil-importing nation to a major exporter of refined petroleum products. The $19 billion project will also provide thousands of jobs and boost the Nigerian economy. Nigeria home to Aliko Dangote, Abdulsamad Rabiu and Mike Adenuga, top billionaires in Africa, is set to witness a boost once the project is completed.

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Photo: The Guardian Nigeria

South Africa’s $24 Billion Mega Urban Housing Project 

Known as the Gauteng City Region, South Africa’s $24 billion mega urban project is the most significant urban project in Africa. The project which covers areas like Johannesburg and Pretoria seeks to improve public transport, expand green spaces, and create more mixed-income communities.

The project which will create 1.5 million housing units and over 850,000 jobs has the potential to transform South Africa’s economic landscape and create a sustainable and inclusive region. South Africa is home to Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer, Africa’s wealthiest families. 

When the project is done, it will transform the country’s economic heartland into a connected and integrated region of efficient infrastructure, public services, and sustainable growth.

Photo: PE News

Accra SkyTrain 2.6 Billion Project 

Situated in the capital city of Accra,  SkyTrain is a proposed $2.6 billion urban mass transit system. The project, which consists of a network of elevated railways and stations aims to ease traffic congestion in the city and improve mobility for its residents.

Connecting major commercial and residential areas to each other, the trains will run on electricity without drivers. This will make them eco-friendly and reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The project is being funded by a consortium of private investors and is expected to create over 5,000 direct and indirect jobs. 

The Accra SkyTrain project will boost the local economy by reducing transportation costs for businesses and improving access to markets and employment opportunities for residents.

Photo: International Construction

Egypt’s Wind $ 709 Million Power Project 

Egypt’s wind power project consists of the construction of several wind farms along the Gulf of Suez, with a total capacity of 250 MW. Commonly called the Gulf of Suez project is targeted at improving the country’s renewable energy capacity. It is Egypt’s way of transitioning to a more sustainable energy mix and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. 

The project will also promote sustainable development in the region while focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting energy security, and addressing climate change. Egypt is home to Nassef and Naguib Sawiris, Mohammed and Youssef Mansour, four African billionaires.

The Gulf of Suez project which has received support from international development organizations and private investors has the potential to create new opportunities for economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Photo: PE News

Tanzania’s $265 million Bridge On Lake Victoria 

Bridge on Lake Victoria is a $265 million project aimed at improving transportation and trade links between Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. The bridge which will withstand strong winds and earthquakes is the longest cable-stayed bridge in East Africa.

The project is also expected to significantly reduce travel time and costs for goods and people moving between Tanzania and Rwanda, as well as improve access to markets and employment opportunities for local communities. 

Funded by the Tanzanian government, with support from the African Development Bank and other international organizations, the project will also curb marine accidents. The project is also expected to increase access to healthcare and education, reduce poverty and inequality, and promote regional integration and cooperation for Tanzanians. Tanzania is home to Mohammed Dewji, one of Africa’s wealthiest businessmen.

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