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Elecion2023: Peter Obi Votes, Says He’ll Solve Nigeria’s Problems

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has said he has remedies for a variety of Nigerian problems. Obi made this statement while casting his ballot on Saturday in Agulu, Anambra State.

Obi, who cast his ballot at precisely 11:45 a.m., was responded to rumours that he would withdraw in favour of Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the People Democratic Party.

“Even if after this election, there is only one person people will be looking out for and that person is me. Because I have the solution to the problem. I have both the physical and mental energy to do the work.

“I am ready and prepared for it. People will feel it, it will be clear and measurable, everyone will feel it. So I can’t step down for anyone”

In regards to the implementation of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System, he voiced confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Peter Obi said it will be challenging to assess how INEC fared overall since he hasn’t visited other polling units, but they have so far done quite well at his polling unit.

“The BVAS worked, for me to vote it means that it worked. So far at this unit, INEC performed well, but I can say generally because I have not been to other polling units to know. Here the activity is seamless and organised that was why I came. The queue was moving seamlessly. I voted in less than 15 minutes,” he said. 

“I am urging everyone to come out and vote. This is an existential election, we need to come together vote and build this country. In my village, we always come out because we live like brothers. I am urging Nigerians to come out and vote so that we turn things around in the Nigeria because the country is collapsing,” Obi added. 

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