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Politics - March 17, 2023

Tinubu Says Nigeria Needs These 5 Things 

President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has, in a recent statement, outlined five critical things that he believes Nigeria needs to thrive and succeed. 

Tinubu’s statements set the tone of his leadership and provide a roadmap for his administration when he is sworn in as president on the 29th of May, 2023.  Let’s take a closer look at these five things and what they mean for Nigeria’s growth and progress.

Competence, not a unity government 

Tinubu in his first official statement after his declaration as president-elect by the Independent National Electoral Commission said Nigeria needs a government of national competence. His statement comes in reaction to reports that Nigeria needs a government of national unity to douse the agitations generated by the outcome of the presidential polls.

The president elected stated that his aim is higher than a government of national unity. He said, “I seek a government of national competence. In selecting my government, I shall not be weighed down by considerations extraneous to ability and performance. The day for political gamesmanship is long gone.”

Young people and prominent women in the government 

Tinubu who tagged the statement “Nigeria: At the Cusp of Renewed Hope,’’ unveiled intentions to build a safer, more prosperous, and just Nigeria. The All Progressive Congress Flag Bearer hinted that he will make this possible by ensuring young people and prominent women play active roles in governance. 

He said, “I shall assemble competent men and women and young people from across Nigeria to build a safer, more prosperous and just Nigeria. There shall be young people. Women shall be prominent.” Asiwaju also noted that religion will not determine those in government, but character and competence.

Nigeria needs to be encouraged by the prospect of the future 

Asiwaju, who is not ignorant of reports that suggest Nigeria would come to an end if he wins the election, says the country needs to focus on the prospects of the future. He noted that focusing on the better days that lie ahead is a decision necessary for national progress. 

According to him, “There have been times in our past when our governing institutions created more questions than they answered. But the arc of our political history gives me confidence that we can overcome that past.”

The president-elect, who noted that the country has “walked through the thick of the night to emerge into the light of brighter days to come,” stressed that Nigeria has “no good reason to retreat into the darkness of the past.”

National rebuilders 

Tinubu also said Nigeria needs national builders. He noted that in rebuilding, the security and the economy of the nation must be highly prioritised. The former Lagos governor said, “we must begin to repair and rebuild this national home of ours. There is time to complete the task, but time is also of the essence. We must not tarry or fret over the enormity of what we face.”

Highlighting the things that need to be rebuilt, Asiwaju said, “We have bridges and roads to build not just for commerce and travel but to connect people of different faiths, parties, and different outlooks in harmonious dialogue and common purpose.” 

He added that they have families to feed not just to eliminate hunger but to nurture enlightenment, civic responsibility, and compassion. Also, Tinubu said they need to create “jobs not merely to put people to work but to afford a better standard of living by which families and communities are improved and democracy deepened.”

Tinubu also added that the rebuilders need to replenish water not just to “quench physical thirst but to ignite a thirst for creative and better solutions to society’s challenges.” 

In addition, the political leader said, “We have a nation to protect such that we eliminate danger and even the fear of danger.”

Nigeria needs to make history as the giant of Africa 

Tinubu who noted that he is the servant of a larger purpose said Nigeria needs to start doing great things as the giant of Africa. He stressed that bearing the name “Giant of Africa” is not enough, and called on citizens to arise and do historic things that giants do.

He said, “Dear Nigerians, this is our country.  Now is the time to stand fast and have faith in what this nation can be. I, for one, am standing. But this time, I shall not be the last or only one standing. Imagine how great we can be if over 200 million other souls stand with me. Let the world see a Nigeria that nothing can stop.’’

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