5 Things That Must Happen Before Tinubu Enters Aso Rock 
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Politics - April 4, 2023

5 Things That Must Happen Before Tinubu Enters Aso Rock 

The transition of Bola Ahmed Tinubu from president-elect to president involves a series of crucial steps. These steps which are essential to ensure a smooth handover and the effective running of the country must be completed before Tinubu enters Aso Rock.

As the day for the swearing-in ceremony approaches, Tinubu must prioritise these steps to ensure that he is well-prepared to assume office and lead Nigeria to greater heights. Let’s take a look at five things that must happen before Tinubu enters Aso Rock in Nigeria.

Security Briefing 

Known as a country characterised by numerous security challenges, including terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping. Tinubu, the president-elect must be briefed on the country’s security situation before he takes office. The briefing will cover issues such as the country’s security architecture, the current state of the armed forces, and the threat posed by different terrorist groups. It will also entail the discussion of measures that have been put in place to address these security challenges. This will help him implement the right strategies in restoring peace to conflict thorn regions and protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians.

Economic briefing

Since the economy of a nation determines its growth and advancement, Tinubu would have to go through a series of economic briefings before entering Aso Rock. The briefing will expose Tinubu to important issues such as the state of the economy, the country’s debt profile, and the government’s revenue sources. It will further examine the government’s economic policies and the measures that have been put in place to address the country’s economic challenges.

Declaration of assets

The 1999 constitution of Nigeria stipulates that all public officers shall declare their assets and liabilities on the assumption of office and at the end of their tenure of office. Public officers are also required to state all properties and assets acquired within or outside the country with the value of the said assets in the currency of the country where the property is situated. Before Tinubu enters Aso Rock, he is expected to collect the form from the office of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) and declare all his assets including his money, landed property, vehicles, shares, bonds and others. He must also not forget to mention the sources of the assets in the declaration.

Presidential inaugural ceremony

Tinubu’s presidential inauguration will mark his official assumption of office. The ceremony will take place on the 29th of May 2023 before Tinubu enters Aso Rock. During the ceremony, Tinubu will take the oath of office, as President Muhammadu Buhari hands over power to him. The occasion will be graced by dignitaries from all over the world, as well as Nigerian citizens, who come out in their thousands to witness this historic event.

Appointment of cabinet members

Since Tinubu cannot manage the country alone; he needs a team of advisers and ministers to help him make decisions and implement policies. This is why before entering Aso Rock, he needs to begin to map out individuals that will be ministers in his cabinet. Tinubu is expected to select individuals who he believes have the necessary experience and expertise to run the different ministries in the country. The cabinet ministers will be responsible for implementing the president’s vision for the country. However, Tinubu earlier stated that competence and character would determine who will make it to his cabinet. Tinubu must have a list of cabinet members before entering Aso Rock because he will be required to make appointments immediately after the inauguration ceremony.

Tinubu who is currently in Paris, France is having a wonderful time with his wife, as he mops up plans for his swearing-in ceremony. 

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