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Manufacturing - April 6, 2023

10 Most Impressive Manufacturing Companies in Africa 

African nations are making a significant impact in the continent’s  economic growth through several manufacturing companies on the continent. These manufacturing companies in diverse sectors have expressed innovations and shown huge commitment to quality.

Their role in shaping Africa’s future and proving that it is a hub for several innovative manufacturing has put the continent on the spot in the global space.

Here, we would look at some companies who have driven progress to the continent through their manufacturing companies.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) – Nigeria

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM)

Nigerian vehicle manufacturer Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Nigerian automobile manufacturer headquartered in Anambra, Nigeria. It was founded by  Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma in 2007.

The company started out by assembling imported auto parts into a full-service under the Innoson Group, the parent firm of the company. Now, the company locally produces 70% of its car parts while the rest are sourced from Germany, Japan and China.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has also diversified into tricycle production. In May, 2022, Innoson presented its first Keke, a  three-wheeled motor vehicle which is one of the main means of transportation in Nigeria.

Milla Group – Sierra Leone

Milla Group is a privately-owned company based in Sierra Leone, West Africa. It is primarily involved in the custom manufacture of plastics products, household furniture, water storage solutions, waste collection solutions, plastic packaging solutions, portable liquid storage, production of PVC and HD pipes, kitchenware, and household items. 

Since its inception in 2001, Milla Group has been committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers and has a reputation for reliability and professionalism.

Milla Group has 5 production areas which include injection moulding, roto moulding, blow moulding, film extrusion and PVC extrusion, through which they built the largest production capacity for plastic items in Sierra Leone.

Tiger Brands – South Africa

The South African company Tiger Brands, is involved in the production and distribution of food and beverage products. The company founded in 1921 with its headquarter in Johannesburg, South Africa has acquired several subsidiaries in diverse sectors to its name.

The company has a significant presence in South Africa and other African countries, with operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Tiger Brands operates in several categories, including baby products, packaged foods, beverages, grains, pet foods, candy and sweets, amongst others.

Tiger Brands faced some challenges which include a widespread Listeriosis outbreak in 2018 that was linked to one of its meat processing plants. However, the company took steps to address these issues, including recalling affected products and implementing measures to improve food safety. 

Tiger Brands has remained committed to sustainable and responsible business practices, which has made it one of the best manufacturing companies to look out for in the continent.

Dangote Group

The Nigerian multinational industrial conglomerate, Dangote Group, is one of the best manufacturers in Africa with manufactures across different industries including cement, sugar, salt, flour, fertilizer, and oil and gas.

The group founded by Aliko Dangote in 1981 has the cement division of the company, Dangote Cement, as the largest cement producer in Africa and one of the largest in the world, with operations in about 10 African countries. While the sugar division is the largest sugar producer in Nigeria, and the salt division is also the largest salt producer in West Africa.

The flour division produces flour and pasta products, while the oil and gas division of Dangote Group focuses on refining crude oil and producing petroleum products, amongst others.

Minaye Packaging Plc

The Ethiopian packaging company, Minaye Packaging Plc specializes in the manufacture and distribution of  corrugated cardboard boxes, paper bags, and other packaging materials. The company was founded in 2006 with its headquarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Minaye Packaging Plc operates a modern manufacturing facility equipped to produce high-quality packaging products used in various industries, including food and beverage, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

The company is committed to sustainability and operates in an eco-friendly environment using renewable energy sources and recyclable materials in its production processes. Minaye Packaging Plc is one of the largest manufacturing company in Africa and  has driven progress to Africa’s economy through its operations and product offerings.

Cevital Group – Algeria

The first private Algerian company, Cevital Group is the largest private conglomerate in Algeria to have invested in a wide variety of business sectors, which include agri-food sector,  automotive, steel, retail, industry and services.

Cevital is a family-run Group founded by Issad Rebrab with its headquarter in Kouba, Algeria.

One of the key sectors in which Cevital operates is agribusiness. The company is involved in the production and processing of a range of agricultural products, from the food-processing and mass distribution industry to electronics and domestic appliances, the iron and steel industry, the flat glass industry, industrial construction, the automobile industry, services and the media. 

Cevital Group is a significant player in the Algerian economy, focused on creating economic units and has made significant investments in a range of industries, both domestically and internationally.

Roofing Group – Uganda

Roofings Group, is the largest manufacturer of steel construction materials in Uganda. The leading manufacturer of steel was founded in 1994 with the headquarters of the group and two of its manufacturing companies and factories at Lubowa, Wakiso District, on the Kampala-Entebbe road.

Roofings Group’s product range includes a wide variety of steel products such as galvanized iron sheets, color coated roofing sheets, steel pipes, and hollow sections, among others. In addition to the factories and offices at Lubowa and Namanve, the company maintains warehouses and attached sales offices at several locations.

Roofings Group has a strong presence in the East African market and exports its products to several countries in the region which made it a leading manufacturer with a strong focus on innovation, quality, and customer service.

MeTL Group – Tanzania

Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd (MeTl) Group is a top manufacturing powerhouses in Tanzania with a wide reach and deeply penetrated distribution channel in several industries, including agriculture, beverages, edible oils, flour, and sugar.

MeTL Group founded in the 1970s by Tanzanian businessman Mohammed Dewji has grown to become one of the largest industrial groups in East Africa in several industries.

The MeTL Group has a strong presence in Tanzania and operates across several other African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Mozambique.

Aspen Pharmacare – South Africa

Aspen Pharmacare is a South African pharmaceutical company founded in 1997, headquartered in uMhlanga, South Africa has since grown to become the largest pharmaceutical company in Africa.

Aspen Pharmacare is involved in the production and distribution of a wide range of generic and branded pharmaceutical products, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and infant nutritionals. The company’s products are used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis.

Aspen Pharmacare has a strong presence in South Africa and operates in several other countries around the world, including Germany, Netherlands, and France.

EverPack Ghana Limited

Everpack is the first tissue paper manufacturing company in Ghana that specializes in the production of a wide range of paper-based and plastic packaging products. 

The company which was founded in 1998  produces a variety of packaging products for use in different industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. Some of the company’s products include paper bags, plastic bags, plastic containers, and aluminum foil containers. 

EverPack Ghana Limited is equipped with modern machinery and equipment and  committed to using environmentally friendly materials and processes in its manufacturing operations which made the company one of the best manufacturing companies in Africa.

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