Tinubu's Govt Must End Ethnic Division-Obasanjo
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News - April 6, 2023

Tinubu’s Govt Must End Ethnic Division-Obasanjo

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, says the incoming administration must ensure national moral rearmament and reconciliation, following the divisions occasioned by the 2023 general elections.

Obasanjo noted that national reconciliation can bring about healing and assuage Nigerian youths who were angered by the shortcomings of the elections.

He made this statement while delivering his speech at a Conference in Abuja, organised by Nextier and the Ibadan School of Governance and Public Policy themed, “From Elections to Governance and Performance”.

Obasanjo speaks on rescuing the nation

The former president stated that to rescue the nation, Nigeria’s governance required thinking outside the box.  He said, “Governance in Nigeria now calls for thinking outside the box in terms of development financing, this has become inevitable in the face of Nigeria’s dwindling fortune, in oil revenue, Nigeria’s huge foreign indebtedness and the urgency of diversifying Nigeria’s neo-cultural economy.”

Speaking further, he added that there must also be the political will and action, as well as administrative efforts, to reform the public service, and turn it into a capability-ready unit.

Obasanjo is too old to keep quiet 

Obasanjo added that he was now “too old to keep quiet”, so he would continue to voice concerns for the benefit of the nation. He said,  “I am now too old to keep quiet and watch Nigeria’s seemingly clueless launch into dystopia. All efforts are now required from all well-meaning and committed patriots to rescue the nation from the precipice. And when I look at the audience I have a feeling that among the people who can do it and who must do it are some of you here.”

He stressed that he will continue in his relentless service as a letterman to push Nigeria, “in the direction where all Nigerians can become what the Almighty God is destined to be.”

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