Bola Tinubu & Team: Complacent or True Visionaries?
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Politics - April 11, 2023

Bola Tinubu & Team: Complacent or True Visionaries?

Bola Tinubu’s leadership style has oftentimes been described as strategic and visionary by some, while others have criticized him for being a smug and filled with complacency as him and team as well as his political party are constantly accused of failing to address certain issues in the country.

Ahead of Tinubu’s swear-in ceremony on the 29th of May, several questions lie on the minds of the people based on his manifesto promises as to whether he and his team are a shrewd or their political ambition is driven by self-satisfaction or uncritical reasoning.

In this article, let’s look at some points that could show Bola Tinubu in light being complacent or a true visionarist. 

Tinubu’s promises

Tinubu 10 promises in his manifesto prior to the presidential election which addresses key areas of concern for Nigeria and suggest a comprehensive approach to addressing these issues. However, the country might not be bothered as several past presidents have approached the citizens with such promises and failed.

The question is will these promises ever be fulfilled? Especially in a country where there are few or no mechanisms in place to monitor or regulate each of these agendas and nurture them.Supporters might point out that the promises cover a wide range of issues which indicates that Tinubu has a broad vision for the country’s future, while others might see it as vague and lacking in detail, and without providing specific strategies to carefully flesh out the promises.

Keyamo’s constant defence

Festus Keyamo, the All progressive Congress, APC, spokesperson are among those who have defended Tinubu’s incoming presidency. This is just one of a long list of several individuals who have defended presidents with no outcome or results.

For instance, Keyamo has had to defend Tinubu with several questions related to his manifesto, his health, choice of vice-presidents, amongst others.

This is a trend with public relations foremen who’ve built the reputation of leaders in a nation that is perceived to be dying. If Bola Tinubu and his team wants to boycott being seen as complacent, they will have to do more than the defense and show true visionary in the incoming presidency.

Tinubu’s touch with the modern world

As a result of rapid advancement of internet penetration globally, there is a pressing concern whether  Tinubu’s administration can innovate. Or if his advisers and team are enough to bring the nation up to speed with manufacturing, export, and other tech driven solutions.

Tinubu has been perceived by some to be a model for good governance, infrastructure renewal and innovation during his tenure as governor of Lagos State. Lagos State which recently made history as the first sub-national entity in Africa to complete modern intra-city rail infrastructure without federal budgetary allocation was credited to Tinubu’s set idea towards innovation.

However, irrespective of these credits, the country might need more than these records due to several failed assurances and look forward to the success of these reforms and how to implement them effectively.

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