Tinubu Will Be President on May 29 – Olabayo
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News - April 11, 2023

Tinubu Will Be President on May 29 – Olabayo

The Primate of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh Worldwide, Theophilus Olabayo has reaffirmed that the President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be President of Nigeria on May 29, 2023. 

According to him, nothing can stop Tinubu’s inauguration as his victory is a lasting one. The clergy also cautioned politicians about fostering hate speech that could precipitate a crisis.

Recall that Olabayo earlier predicted Tinubu’s victory in the presidential elections. 

Olabayo reveals that God told him Tinubu will be president

The Primate hinted that God told him many years back that Tinubu would emerge as President. He said, “Before the presidential election, I inquired from the Lord who will be the next President of this country. God told me that amongst all the presidential contestants’ Bola Tinubu would emerge.”

He also explained that he had no personal relationship with Tinubu but met him at a member’s house. Olabayo noted, “Years back when I met Tinubu in America, I told him that time will come when he would one day be President of this country. I don’t follow people’s opinion, but only what God tells me.”

Speaking further, The clergyman said, “I don’t do prophecy for financial benefits. When God reveals things to me, I say them the way I receive them, without adding or removing anything. At the moment, we have lots of so-called prophets that are after their belly.

Tinubu described as the best forerunner

Olabayo noted that “Asiwaju can be best described as a forerunner. God can use him for this time just as He used Cyrus in the Holy Bible.”

Prophesying over the nation, he said, “Nigeria is going to be great. I have said this several times in the past. It is for the incoming government to restructure this country to some extent so that the nation will experience economic growth and social stability in the near future.

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