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Profiles - April 28, 2023

Tony Elumelu’s Daughter : 7 Things You Didn’t Know 

Tamara-Marie Oge Elumelu, the first child and eldest daughter of Tony Elumelu, Nigerian economist and founder of Heirs Holdings Capital is following the footsteps of her father in reaching milestones and as an economist.

As an exceptionally talented young woman, Oge is constantly learning the rudiments of finance and economics and getting prepared to assume leadership roles even at a tender age is shattering the myth built around girl-child. 

Oge’s background

Oge Elumelu was born in 2002 and received her education from St. Catherine’s School, Barmley, United Kingdom where she studied Economics, History and Religious Studies. 

She got admitted into the London Business School in 2020, where she would be bagging a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, her career choice discipline, following the footsteps of her father.

Oge’s internship experience

Oge Elumelu on several occasions during the holidays was always invited by her father to resume office with him at the United Bank for Africa, (UBA) as an intern to learn the fundamentals of economics. 

Before she got admitted into the University, she was mentored severally as Elumelu was positive about exposing Oge to the corporate world even while a lot of people felt she was too young to comprehend.

Oge’s Career

Oge Elumelu is a member of the Genu’S Young People’s Action Team, a group of young leaders on a mission to unleash the full potential of the world’s 1.8 billion young people, by providing them with the right skills and opportunities, thus creating a better, more equitable world.

She is also the co-founder of LSE Talk, where she works with her team to proactive create a much needed space for all students to learn about Africa and be enlightened about the continent.

Oge’s path to be the heir

There has been speculation that Oge Elumelu would be the heir to Tony Elumelu’s several companies and investments. This is as a result of the choice of her career path which is significantly pointing to assuming leadership positions in her father’s company.

However, it is not verified as Oge is currently studying in the University and not expected to finish until 2024.

Oge’s philanthropic activities

Oge Elumelu has joined her father as a member of the Tony Elumelu Foundation on a path of youth advocacy and youth empowerment. As a co-founder of LSE Talks, she has worked closely with the foundation to reach several youths in the country and in the continent.

Oge’s dazzling moment 

Oge Elumelu was the co-host at a project launched by Ms. Amina Mohamed, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, themed Generation Unlimited Sahel to mark the beginning of a new and improved way of working with Sahelian youth. 

The program was driven by the Tony Elumelu Foundation and other partners and Tony Elumelu was one of the speakers. While at the event, she pointed out some facts challenging young people in achieving their goals and offered possible solutions towards issues militating against their growth.

Oge’s relationship with Davido

While at Oge’s 21st birthday celebration, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido, a song writer and producer was spotted at Tony Elumelu’s mansion to celebrate her birthday.

This caused a lot of speculation as many are not sure if the singer has a relationship with the celebrant or her father, Elumelu.

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