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Profiles - May 9, 2023

Mike Adenuga’s Wife: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Her 

Titi Joyce Adenuga, wife of billionaire business mogul Mike Adenuga is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated women. Despite being the second and the current wife of the owner of Globacom, the third-largest telecommunication operator in Nigeria, Titi is attributed to be the pillar of Mike Adenuga’s success.

Having met her husband at the now defunct Devcom Merchant Bank while she was job-hunting, she has been a friend, wife, and mother to her husband as well as her children. Let’s take a look at Titi Adenuga and explore some things you may not know about her.

Titi’s background 

Titi Adenuga hailed from Delta State and born to Itshekiri parents, Pa Elijah And Mrs Susan Okome She attended Queens College, Yaba and graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife many years ago. She recently celebrated her 60th birthday on the 29th of October, 2022 with several dignitaries across the country in attendance.

Titi’s mother

Titi’s later mother, Madam Susannah Mebulaghanje Okome is one of the founding distributors of Brozuela (jackel) a company that imports George and Heize head ties. The company designed her own George Wrapper, the prestige which was used to launch and open The National Theatre and Festac 77.

She died in the US at age 84 about 5 years after her husband, Pa Elijah Okome died. Her burial reception took place at British International school, Lekki.

Titi’s fashion enthusiasm

When you hear the name Titi Adenuga’s, one thing that should come to mind is her iconic fashion sense. Her style can be traced to her late mother who was known for her stylish personality during her time. Her style always sets the pace for young women as she follows no rule when it comes to fashion. She wears expensive and luxury pieces from the best designers and one of her most priceless possessions are her jewelry which are expensive precious stones.

Titi is also said to have a flair for sunshades and rings as she hardly goes out without them. Due to high fashion sense, her close friends and family members fondly address her as The Tizzle Girl.

Titi’s philanthropic activities

Titi is said to be involved in philanthropic activities through her husband’s foundation, the Mike Adenuga Foundation, which is known for its donations to various causes, including education and healthcare. The foundation does a lot of charitable work which includes the N500m donations to victims of a flood in Bayelsa as well as being the major sponsor of the Glo-CAF Award. 

Titi also founded the Titi Adenuga foundation which is focused on providing educational opportunities to under-priviledged children in the country.

Titi’s children

Titi Adenuga has been married to her husband for about a decade and her marriage produced two children, Sade Adenuga and Niyi Adenuga

Titi’s conservative lifestyle

Despite the high-end fashion sense of Titi Adenuga, she lives a quiet and conservative lifestyle. She hardly goes to parties or events and only attends the necessary and important ones. However she is always on the lookout for anytime she attends events due to her fashion and style.

Titi’s recognition

In 2016, Titi Adenuga was named as one of the 100 most influential women in Africa by New African Woman, a London based publication. The recognition was as a result of contributions to the business world.

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