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Davido’s Father Adeleke: 7 Things You Don’t Know About the Nigerian Billionaire 

Davido’s father Dr Adedeji Adeleke, is a Nigerian billionaire whose name resounds in education, business, politics and entertainment. Known as the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited and the Pro-Chancellor of Adeleke University, Adeleke is a prominent figure that has significantly impacted the lives of many individuals.

Despite his prominence, there are several things that people don’t know about him. Let’s take a closer look at some exciting details about Dr Adeleke. 

Adeleke’s Pacific Holdings generates billions yearly

Davido’s father controls one of the diversified conglomerates in Lagos, Pacific Holdings Limited. Pacific Holdings has over the years expanded its scope of business across industries including Banking(Pacific Merchant Bank), Education, Civil Engineering, Energy and Poer Generation, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Trading, Freight Services, Gas and real estate. Adeleke’s Pacific controls two strategic power generation plants in the country with a 336.8MW production capacity.

Adeleke’s wife died in her sleep

The Nigerian billionaire got married to a former lecturer at Babcock University, Veronica Imade. Veronica gave birth to four children, two boys, Adewale and Davido, and two girls, Sharon and Ashley. According to reports, Veronica died on her husband’s birthday, March 6, 2003. 

She returned from church and went to rest in her room, where she was found dead. Veronica who reportedly named some of her assets after Davido was also a lover of music. She was part of a band that was known as David’s Band. 

He bribed Davido to go back to the school

Davido who didn’t know his father was a billionaire till he was 13 years said Adeleke bribed him to complete his degree program. Davido who began his university education in business administration at Oakwood University, US dropped out of school when he discovered he was wasting his time pursuing a career, he wasn’t passionate about.  Davido revealed that his father entered a deal with him that if he attended lectures from Mondays to Fridays, he would build him a world-class studio and provide him funds to shoot music videos on weekends.

He recently revealed that his father arrested him on several occasions to enable him to focus on his education. Speaking during an interview he said, “He sent police to get me like he sees a billboard; for example, ‘Davido performing, Wizkid performing’. He will send police to arrest everybody.” He kept on doing it. Then there was one time. This is where I knew that ‘Oh I’m lit!’. The police came and got me. Then I’m in the cell and the dude that got the keys his phone rings, it’s my song. I said ‘That’s me’. He said ‘You’re Davido?’. I said ‘Yes!’. And he let me go.”

He opened a department at Babcock University because of Davido

One thing you must know about Daviod’s father is that he influenced the creation of the Music and Creative Arts Department at Babcock University. In 2013, he provided financing for the establishment of the department so that his son may complete his education while pursuing a lucrative music career.

Adeleke who was a founding member of the university and the chairman of its inaugural Board of Trustees enrolled Davido as the first and only student of the music department in 2012.

Davido’s father has little or no interest in practising politics

Adeleke has over the years paid more attention to education and business than politics. On several occasions, there have been rumours of his intent to contest for political positions but he has repeatedly refuted such claims. 

Reacting to one such rumor, Davido’s father said he had no reason to join politics and that the general public should ignore such information. He further noted that he has chosen to continue rendering his contributions and service to humanity.

He is the unofficial governor of Osun State

As the elder brother of the incumbent governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, Davido’s father has been described as the unofficial governor of the state. He was given this name when the Osun Governor prostrated and appreciated his elder brother after the state’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the election results.

Also, Davido declared his father, the real jagaban, after Senator Ademola’s win. The jagaban title is a title for President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has been the godfather of Lagos state. 

His university offers over 60 per cent of students scholarship

Adeleke who obtained a PhD degree in International Business at Pacific Columbia University, California established a non-profit NGO called Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) in 1996 with the aim of empowering Nigerians with education.

Through his non-profit organisation, Adeleke secured a Federal Government license for Adeleke University, Ede in March 2011. The university was established to assist less privileged students in obtaining a quality higher education. Addressing graduands during the third convocation of the university, Davido’s father disclosed that 82 per cent of the students in the institution are on scholarship. 

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