Tony Elumelu: 7 Ways the Billionaire Positioned His Family for Greatness 
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Tony Elumelu: 7 Ways the Billionaire Positioned His Family for Greatness 

Tony Elumelu, the esteemed billionaire, business magnate, and chairman of Heirs Holdings, UBA and Transcorphas not only achieved remarkable success in his own career but has also made significant efforts to position his family in the same light. 

Through his exceptional leadership, strategic investments, and commitment to uplifting others, Elumelu has laid a strong foundation for his family’s continued success and influence as well as  paving the way for his family to thrive in the realms of business, influence, and societal impact.

In this article, we will delve into the ways Tony Elumelu has carefully orchestrated his family’s path towards greatness, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come.

Oge Elumelu studied Economics

One way Tony Elemelu has strategically positioned his family is his investment in quality education which he believes is crucial for long-term success. 

For instance, his daughter, Oge Elumelu received her education from St. Catherine’s School, Barmley, United Kingdom where she studied Economics, History and Religious Studies. She  also got admitted into the London Business School in 2020, where she would be bagging a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. This showcases the billionaire’s emphasis placed on education within the family.

Elumelu recognizes the importance of education in personal and professional development. He ensured that his family members receive quality education and have access to opportunities for higher learning.

Elemelu’s mentoring initiative

Tony Elumelu mentoring archive is another way the billionaire has put his family up for success. As the founder of the Tony Elumelu foundation, an initiative fostered on giving young people a platform and opportunity to be more, Elumelu’s positive impact on youth empowerment has revealed how he would have exerted the same influence on his family.

In fact, Oge Elumelu  was mentored several times during school holidays and usually goes to resume office work at the United Bank for Africa, (UBA) as requested by Elumelu as an intern to learn the fundamentals of economics. Elumelu was positive about exposing Oge to the corporate world before she got admitted for higher learning even while a lot of people felt she was too young to comprehend.

Elumelu’s entrepreneurial mindset through Awele’s acquisition

Tony Elumelu is a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship. He understands the power of entrepreneurship in driving innovation, creating wealth, and leaving a lasting impact. 

Elumelu has actively involved his family such as his wife, Awele Elumelu in his business ventures providing them with firsthand exposure to the intricacies of entrepreneurship. Awele recently acquired a 5.076 per cent stake in Transnational Corporation of Nigeria (Transcorp) which makes her one of the largest shareholders in the group. 

This move explains the imparted valuable knowledge and insights, his shared wealth of experience and guiding his family members in their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Elumelu’s drive for philanthropy

Tony Elumelu has strengthened his family to great standards through various philanthropic activities. Recognizing the importance of giving back and establishing the Tony Elumelu Foundation, a prominent philanthropic organization, he could have an impact on his family giving back to the society.

In 2019, Tony Elumelu and his wife, Dr. Awele Elumelu were referred to both as “Africa’s Power Couple” by CNN in recognition of their work empowering African entrepreneurs. Oge Elumelu is also a member of the Tony Elumelu Foundation on a path of youth advocacy and youth empowerment. 

Also, Oge as a co-founder of LSE Talks, having worked closely with the foundation to reach several youths in the country and in the continent, depicts Elumelu impacts  on placing his family members in the line of thought for greatness.

Elumelu’s train of networking and connections

Tony Elumelu has encouraged his family members to actively engage in networking and relationship-building themselves. 

Oge Elumelu was a co-host at a project launched by Ms. Amina Mohamed, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General where she pointed out some facts challenging young people in achieving their goals and offered possible solutions towards issues militating against their growth. The program which had Elumelu as one of its speakers depicts the billionaire’s hard work geared towards positioning his family members to participate in professional associations.

Also, Elumelu has several power players in his network which has built connections with over the years which has been laid as an example to his family. During the birthday celebration in honor of his mother, S.N Elumelu in 2018, socialites like Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia Femi Otedola, amongst others were all in attendance to celebrate with him and his family.

Elumelu’s push for International exposure

Another way Tony Elumelu has strengthened his family members for exploits is his move for international exposure. He recognizes the importance of global perspectives and exposure. Tony Elumelu’s family members have gained international exposure through their pursuits. For example, his daughter, Oge Elumelu is currently studying in prestigious institutions abroad, which reflects his emphasis on global perspectives.

Elumelu positioning for cogent leadership qualities

Through his exemplary leadership qualities, Tony Elumelu has positioned his family to be a visionary and influential leader. His wife, Awele Elumelu is the Chairperson of Avon Healthcare Limited and CEO of Avon Medical Services Limited, subsidiaries of Heirs Holdings Limited  a family owned business led by her husband, Tony Elumelu. This showed his unwavering commitment towards gearing them up for leadership.

She is also an Investment Professional at Heirs Holdings Limited where she oversees the healthcare investments of the company. Tony Elemelu is not just a leader but an influential leader who has shifted his family’s line of thoughts towards being a great leader.

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