Mike Adenuga: 5 Most Expensive Things He Owns
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Profiles - May 25, 2023

Mike Adenuga: 5 Most Expensive Things He Owns

Nigerian Oil and Telecom Tycoon, Mike Adenuga is one of Africa’s billionaires who owns many expensive things that provide him with comfort and convenience. His plush cars, lavish mansions and expensive jets attest to the luxurious items he possesses. 

The billionaire who rarely makes an appearance outside of his home owns a 74% stake in Conoil PLC, a Nigerian-listed oil marketing firm, a 25% stake in Joint Development Zone Block 4, an oil prospecting license and a substantial stake in Equitorial Trust bank and many other assets. 

Adenuga who controls mobile telecom firms Globacom Holding and Globacom West Africa, two distinct companies has amassed a fortune that empowers him to own whatever he desires. Join us as we explore the five most expensive things owned by Mike Adenuga.

His Banana Island home

Located on Banana Island in the city of Lagos, Mike Adenuga’s mansion occupies 3 hectares of land. The estate consists of nine opulent duplexes and costs Mike Adenuga over N8 billion. According to reports, Adenuga uses one of the duplexes as his personal residence, while the others accommodate his family and a large number of guests. The home is often called ‘Bellisma on the Waterfront’ which means gorgeous and superlative in Italy.

The estate which was built by Julius Berger and Cappa & D’Alberto features a mosque, church, 200-capacity hall, spacious car park, private berth for yachts and boats, two watchtowers, etc. Also, the Mike Adenuga Towers is another magnificent building owned by the Nigerian Oil Mogul. Used as Globacom Headquarters, the tower is a 13-story tower that took 13 years to be completed.

Rolls-Royce Phantom and Armored Bentley Mulsanne

Adenuga’s car park houses some of the luxury items he owns. One such is his Rolls Royce Phantom purchased at a reported sum of N151.6 million. The car boasts a 5-passenger accommodation space, power-adjustable massage seats, an infotainment system, lane departure warning and other standard features. 

Also, his armoured Bentley Mulsanne is another beauty to behold. Estimated to cost N110.5 million, the car is a limited brand designed for high-profile individuals. The armoured Bentley possesses a state-of-the-art cabin, a sedan with 4-5 seats, and an airline-style reclining seat amongst others.

Disney vault

Worthy of note is the Disney vault purchased by Adenuga at an estimated $530,000 dollars. Located at the upscale Vaults and Gardens, Ikoyi, the private burial chamber includes a lush lawn, a balcony, a beautiful gate and a garden. 

Bombardier 7500

The list of Adenuga’s luxury items will not be complete without mentioning his private jet, Bombardier 7500. Sighted at the Benin Airport, Adenuga’s Bombardier 7500 is powered by 2 Titanium Plated Rolls Royce Engines. The jet has been described as the first business jet with a furnished suite, comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area and a large master suite to ensure the ultimate flight experience for its proud owner. The jet which cost $73 million is developed by Bombardier Aviation. 

Dassault Falcon

Adenuga also owns a Dassault Falcon. The private jet is a quiet, productive, beautiful and luxurious executive jet built and designed to withstand stormy weather. It was nicknamed Sisi Paris after one of his grandchildren. Adenuga’s dassault falcon costs $51 million.

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