7 Ways to Survive the Fuel Subsidy Removal
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Lists - June 6, 2023

7 Ways to Survive the Fuel Subsidy Removal

It is no longer news that the fuel subsidy removal has further worsened the living conditions of Nigerians. This is evident in the hike in the price of goods and services and the cost of transportation. 

While this is sad, it is crucial to remember that resilience and adaptability are traits embedded within the human spirit. Also, if you are reading this, we just want to let you know that you are not alone. This is why we will be exploring seven ways to help you navigate and survive the aftermath of fuel subsidy removal. Join us as we navigate through the impact of fuel subsidy removal and build a more resilient future.

Review your expenses

The first thing you need to do is to review your income and expenses. This would not be too difficult because you recently collected your monthly salary. Identify areas where you can cut down on spending. No unnecessary shopping! No unnecessary visits! Make a list of the essential items you need and the places you need to visit.

Prioritize essential expenses and combine errands into a single trip that minimises fuel usage. Instead of choosing a special day for shopping. You can do your shopping on your way back from work. Also, patronise nearby supermarkets and shops. This will help you channel the money for transportation into other areas.

Consider remote work

If you agree with us going to work every day in a fuel subsidy removal era can run down your account. So, have a meeting with your team leaders and suggest flexible work arrangements to them. 

Adopting a fully remote work or hybrid system will reduce the frequency of commuting. It will also improve productivity because you won’t have to jump buses and argue with a conductor or driver. So, nobody will be given the chance to ruin your day. 

Organisations can take a cue from the Kwara State Government that recently directed a reduction in work days from five to three days per week for all state-employed workers.

Ask for Salary raise

Another survival mechanism in this fuel subsidy removal era is asking for an increment in salary. Managing directors and heads of organisations are not ignorant of the hardship the fuel subsidy removal has plunged Nigerians into. But if you don’t ask, you may never receive. So, send an email to your boss detailing the harsh realities and see what comes out of it.

And if your organisation doesn’t grant your request, it may be a good time to change jobs. Revamp your CV and apply for jobs with higher and better remuneration. Remember the sky is your beginning point, so get up and shoot your shot!

Develop multiple income streams

This is another option for those who love their current job and would not want to leave their organisation yet. Starting a side hustle(s) would give you the added income you need to survive this period. 

Depending on your work hours, you can explore side hustles like designing and sales of t-shirts, starting a podcast, delivering packages, starting a blog or YouTube channel etc 

Buy foodstuffs in bulk

Purchasing your food in bulk is one survival strategy you must not joke with. Buying foodstuffs in bulk reduces transport miles and consequently cuts down the amount you need to spend on transport. Interestingly, buying in bulk is cheaper! This is because you are buying from the wholesaler and not the retailer who has added his own benefit to it. 

Also, it helps you shop consciously because that is what you need at a time like this.

Practice Long walks

Long walks increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce the risk of heart disease, give you stronger bones and improve balance. So, while you mourn the harsh consequences of fuel subsidy removal, it is a good time to hit the ground walking. Long walks save fuel and reduce transportation costs.

If you can’t walk alone you can join walking groups or encourage your friends and colleagues to walk with you.


This is also a very good time to utilize carpooling with colleagues, neighbours or friends that are working or fellowshipping in the same location as you. It will also be highly beneficial to reduce your use of app-based transportation. 

Join public transportation options like buses or trains. This will give you access to the bargain option. Moreso, public transportations work with a fixed price system that helps you know how much you will be paying at the beginning of a trip. So, go for it.

Embrace energy-saving practices

Embracing energy-saving practices like turning off lights when you leave the room, unplugging appliances when you are not using them and washing clothes with your hands can save you money on energy bills.

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