Empowering Communities and Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Pauline Kiraithe
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Profiles - June 8, 2023

Empowering Communities and Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Pauline Kiraithe

Human resource professional and Founder and Director of Talent Gurus@254, a talent acquisition specialist firm focused on identifying unknown talent for senior roles, Pauline Kiraithe is an outstanding personality when it comes to managing humans and organizations. With over 20 years of multi-sectoral human resource and management experience, Kiraithe’s expertise has helped her reach over 500 students and professionals into discovering and pursuing their purpose.

As an African woman who started her career from an entry level position, working her way up to the top to Director Level she has worked and managed people in organizations at different stages of their life cycles, facing a range of unique people management challenges. These include startups, where she played a crucial role in establishing and nurturing teams, as well as restructuring or reengineering phases, where she successfully guided and supported employees through change. 

What ignited Kiraithe’s passion in Human Resource

Her passion was borne out of feelings for humans and it played out during her internship program while in the university which went on all through her stay. Her mentor then during her internship was always passionate about promising interns which he nurtured and developed. He took her to South Africa with other interns for a project management training which drilled them on work ethics, career management and savings ethics. Her mentor then exposed her to the world and introduced them to corporate governance.

Then she went on to join Celtel, now Airtel which exposed her to how to start a big organisations from the ground up, getting the right systems, right department and getting the right talent needed within the organisation.

Kiraithe spent her days there in human resource, people development, talent development where she spent three and half years and literally enjoyed staff  engagement programs which taught how talent is well engaged. They also sold it to different employees at that time.

Kiraithe’s founding legacy of empowerment and transformation

Kiraithie who has a bachelor of education, higher national diploma and masters in Business Administration (HR) as well as professional qualifications such as Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources (KNEC), Diploma Executive Leadership Coaching(UK), amongst others founded Talent Gurus @254 after hee advanced years as an HR practitioner.

She established her company in 2005 to nurture talents and has now developed the Ignite Youth and Ascend Leadership Programs, dedicated to empowering young individuals and professionals. These programs focus on equipping participants with essential life skills, comprehensive leadership training, valuable mentorship, and career coaching. The aim is to guide them in discovering their unique talents and assisting them in making informed career choices at an early stage.

Kiraithe’s power of words and a beacon of inspiration

Beyond her remarkable achievements as a human resource professional, Kiraithe journey embodies a testament to the transformative power of words and the pursuit of one’s passions. Through her thought-provoking book, “Owning Your Career,”  which is a practical step-by-step guide for professionals seeking to ascend and become accomplished in the workplace.

The book provides valuable perspectives on the path to achieving intentional career success. It offers insightful lessons and strategies for professionals to effectively manage their personal and professional development, positioning themselves for significant career growth.

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