She Built a Billion-Dollar US Company: How Sudan's Iman Abuzeid Did It
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Billionaires - June 20, 2023

She Built a Billion-Dollar US Company: How Sudan’s Iman Abuzeid Did It

Iman Abuzeid is an incredible entrepreneur from Sudan who has accomplished something truly remarkable having built a billion-dollar company in the United States. Aside from being the co-founder of Incredible Health, a platform that connects healthcare professionals with job opportunities established in 2017, the Sudanese-American innovator has firmly engraved her name in history by becoming the fourth Black woman to lead a billion-dollar company.

In a remarkable milestone for both female entrepreneurs and the healthcare sector,  Abuzeid has joined the renowned figures such as media powerhouse Oprah Winfrey and cosmetics magnate Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty, in the list of America’s richest self-made women through her visionary leadership and groundbreaking contributions to the healthcare technology sector, emerging as a prominent figure among young and accomplished female business moguls.

Abuzeid’s inspiring journey and big challenge

During her time as a medical student, Abuzeid witnessed firsthand the difficulties American hospitals faced in recruiting and retaining qualified nurses. This shortage not only put a strain on healthcare facilities but also impacted patient care and outcomes. 

Recognizing the urgent need for a solution and a desire to tackle the nursing shortage afflicting American hospitals, Abuzeid saw an opportunity to leverage technology and innovation to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and job opportunities.

In contrast to other platforms that primarily serve contractors, Abuzeid’s startup empowers nurses by exclusively prioritizing them as permanent employees. The distinctive approach has attracted considerable attention and support, evidenced by the platform being adopted by 700 hospitals nationwide.

Abuzeid had to secure funding to support the growth of Incredible Health, convince healthcare organizations to adopt the platform especially in a sector full of bias and also to attract top talent to join her team.  Her determination and innovative approach enabled her to overcome hurdles along the way. 

Abuzeid’s big breakthrough

Iman Abuzeid and her team at Incredible Health achieved a significant breakthrough in their entrepreneurial journey when they successfully raised $80 million in a Series B funding round. This remarkable achievement not only provided the necessary financial backing for the company’s growth but also catapulted its valuation to an impressive $1.65 billion.

The Series-B funding round was led by Base 10 Partners as part of its Advancement Initiative, a program dedicated to donating 50 percent of the fund’s carried interest to historically Black colleges and universities, showcasing their commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity.

This substantial infusion of capital solidified Incredible Health’s position as a prominent player in the healthcare technology landscape as well as propelled Abuzeid into the esteemed circle of Black female founders with billion-dollar companies.

Abuzeid startup reaching the unicorn status 

Her involvement in the billion-dollar company according to Forbes, has boosted Abuzeid’s net worth to $350 million, positioning her as one of the wealthiest Black women in America. This remarkable achievement exemplifies the transformative potential of entrepreneurship and underscores Abuzeid’s steadfast commitment to addressing crucial challenges within the healthcare field.

Abuzeid’s success story not only shatters barriers in the business realm but also sets the stage for enhanced inclusivity and representation within the investment landscape.

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