Abdul Samad Rabiu: His Most Expensive Possessions
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African CEOs - June 26, 2023

Abdul Samad Rabiu: His Most Expensive Possessions

Nigeria’s second richest man, Abdul Samad Rabiu is one of those publicity-shy billionaires with a love of expensive possessions. 

As the leader of BUA Group, Abdul Samad’s business success affords him the luxury of possessing some of the world’s most expensive and prized acquisitions.

From opulent residences that showcase his affinity for grandeur and sophistication to his automotive excellence displayed in his trove, join us as we explore Abdul Samad’s notable possessions.

8-seater Gulfstream G550 private jet ($44.9 million)

The billionaire who according to his employee is very analytical, balanced and calm under stressful situations, jets around the world on an 8-seater Gulfstream G550 worth $44.9 million. The jet is powered by a Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engine.

His 8-seater Gulfstream G550 private jet features a comfortable, productive and impeccably equipped cabin with up to four living areas and ample storage space.

Legacy 600 aircraft ($ 18 million)

Described as a billionaire who does not wear his achievements on his sleeve, Abdul Samad also owns a Legacy 600 business jet. The Legacy carries 13 passengers in three partitioned sections for 3,050 nautical miles or 8 passengers for 3,450 nautical miles.

Legacy 600 also features added range via extra fuel tanks in the tail and an extensive drag reduction program.

Gloucester Square Home ($16 million)

Abdul Samad also owns a house in Gloucester Square worth nearly $16 million. While the details of the house are sketchy, there is no doubt that the house stands as an architectural masterpiece, that combines timeless design elements with state-of-the-art amenities.

Penthouse at The One & Only Hotel in Cape Town ($12.6 million) 

The Nigerian business magnate reportedly owns properties worth $19 million in South Africa. One such is his Penthouse which is worth $12.6 million. His Penthouse offers unparalleled luxury, privacy and views of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. 

It also consists of four en-suite bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas, exquisite décor and exceptional South African art.

Bentley and Aston Martin

Abdul Samad Rabiu’s love for automotive excellence is evident in his collection of vintage and exotic cars. These meticulously crafted vehicles represent the pinnacle of engineering prowess and automotive artistry. 

According to reports, the billionaire has a Bentley and Aston Martin parked in his courtyard. Other cars in the billionaire’s trove include the Armoured Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz S-Class and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV.

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