Top 5 Wealthiest Igbo Men in Nigeria's Oil & Gas Industry
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Profiles - June 26, 2023

Top 5 Wealthiest Igbo Men in Nigeria’s Oil & Gas Industry

The contributions of Igbo men in Nigeria’s oil & gas sector have been instrumental in shaping the industry and creating significant wealth. These visionary entrepreneurs from the Igbo community have leveraged their business acumen and strategic investments to become some of the wealthiest individuals in the oil and gas sector.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a rich history of commerce and trade, Igbo men have made their mark in various industries, including the thriving oil and gas sector. Through their determination and astute decision-making, they have achieved remarkable success, solidifying their positions as influential figures within the industry. In this article, we will briefly explore the lives and accomplishments of some of the wealthiest Igbo men in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. 

A.B.C Orjiakor

Ambrose Bryant Chukwuemeka Orjiako stands as one of the notable Igbo men who have made a profound impact in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. Popularly known as ABC Orjiako, he has successfully founded and overseen the operations of numerous enterprises within Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, encompassing the upstream, downstream, and service sectors.

ABC Orjiakor established SEPLAT Energy PLC, an oil and gas exploration and production company with focus on the Niger Delta area of Nigeria through his company Shebah Exploration and Production Company, and Platform Petroleum Limited. The company did not just make a positive impact on the Nigerian economy or created employment opportunities but also bolstered his own wealth which solidified his status as one of the wealthiest men in the oil sector.

Emeka Okwuosa

Emeka Okwuosa is a prominent figure among Igbo men in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, known for his remarkable contributions and entrepreneurial spirit. As an astute businessman, Okwuosa founded Oilserv Limited, a leading provider of integrated engineering, procurement, construction, installation & commissioning (EPCIC) services. It also offers complementary solutions across the asset and program life cycle within the onshore, offshore and subsea market segments of the oil and gas sector.

Okwuosa is also the founder of some companies which have executed multiple complex multi-billion US$ pipeline and facilities projects in the oil and gas sector of the economy. These companies include Frazoil exploration and production (E&P) limited, Frazpower ekcel farms limited and Crown energy resources limited. 

Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi

Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi is another highly respected and influential figure among Igbo men in this sector. As the chairman and chief executive officer of Nestoil and the founder of the Obijackson Foundation, Obiejesi is a successful tycoon within the industry. His accomplishments serve as a testament to the entrepreneurial excellence of Igbo men in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, inspiring others to strive for success.

Neconde, an additional enterprise under Obiejesi’s portfolio, also focuses on the exploration and development of oil and gas assets within Nigeria. The company is dedicated to producing and selling petroleum products in the country.

Leo Stan Ekeh

As the Chief Executive Officer of Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh, has established an impressive presence across multiple industries, including e-commerce, oil and gas, media publishing, and real estate, among others. With an illustrious résumé, global networks, and significant wealth, he stands as a prominent figure in the business world and one of the wealthiest Igbo men in the Nigeria oil and gas sector.

This accomplished businessman has etched his name deep within the hearts of his fellow countrymen. Notably, the billionaire magnate has recently made substantial investments in the media industry, particularly in television. 

Emeka Offor

As the former chairman of Erhc Energy Inc, the CEO of Chrome Group, one of the leading West African oil and gas conglomerates, Emeka Offor has made a mark as one of the wealthiest Igbo men in the oil and gas sector. He started out by delivering bitumen to large corporations like Julius Berger Nigeria, Guffanti Nigeria Ltd, Fougerolle Nigeria Ltd, amongst others before he took the bold step to start his business

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