10 Industries with the Fastest Path to Making Millions
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Money - June 27, 2023

10 Industries with the Fastest Path to Making Millions

The current economic condition of Nigeria has made several individuals seek greener pastures outside the country. While that is a good money-making option, there are several industries available on the continent that can help you make millions quickly.

African billionaires like Aliko Dangote, Abdul Samad Rabiu and Femi Otedola made their wealth from some of these industries. This shows that they are fertile grounds for rapid growth and lucrative opportunities.

Join us as we explore some industries with the potential to transform entrepreneurial dreams into extraordinary financial success. Let’s dive in.

Online Education

One of the things Covid-19 made the world see is the blessing inherent in digital learning platforms. Online education saves time and money, builds capacity and ensures consistency and provides you with the options of flexibility. 

This is one industry that has generated millions for some individuals since the covid -19 pandemic. For example, ULesson founded by Sim Shagaya is a mobile application that offers students in Senior Secondary Schools a complete learning experience.

You can either build an e-learning app for your community or decide to be an online tutor on YouTube. 


Another industry that can help you make millions quickly is fintech. The decentralised industry which includes cryptocurrency and blockchain presents opportunities for early adopters to ride the wave of innovation and potentially amass significant wealth.

Also, the country is filled with financial institutions providing financial inclusion. From Moniepoint, Palmpay, and Kuda, these platforms are giving opportunities to the unbanked in rural communities. Identify gaps in the value chain and create solutions that will fetch you the millions you desire.

Health tech

Across the world, there is a relentless pursuit of medical advancements. This pursuit continues to fuel the growth of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, making them a potential industry for wealth. 

You can make millions by investing in groundbreaking research, drug development, and healthcare technologies. Your investment can lead to extraordinary financial gains that will change your status faster than you think.

For example, Petigrity Konsult is dedicated to helping organisations/individuals find the best health plans they require. 

Food services

Making millions in the food service industry is possible. You can choose to either develop a platform like Termii, that helps businesses communicate with their customers. i.e. Your app will be responsible for connecting customers to chefs in various locations.

Also, you can get involved in the purchase of foodstuffs in bulk and sell them to canteens and restaurants. You can also choose to create a food delivery app. Whatever you choose to do, do it diligently.

Content creation 

Content creation includes and is not limited to blogging, skit making, e-book creation, podcasts, videos and infographics. This industry has produced millions for several people and will continue to generate millions in the coming years.

Don’t sleep on it, identify that one thing that you excel at and start creating and sharing your content on social media. For example, Linda Ikeji, Mr Macaroni, Tacoma, and Kiekie all came to the limelight through content creation. 


You can make millions from this industry through thrift trading. While it may be difficult to get the attention of the ultra-rich, paying attention to the average Nigerian can help you record wealth. 

Begin by identifying what you want to sell, create your brand, source for your products from cheaper locations, take high-quality images of your products and market them.

Real Estate

You can either make millions from this industry by becoming a real estate agent, or by creating a platform that helps you sell properties. Interestingly all you need to become a real estate agent is a license. 

Enquire about the real estate school in your location. Enrol for the course which usually takes 40-200 hours to complete and get your license.


The logistics industry which plays a crucial role in global trade and commerce presents opportunities for success and wealth creation. You can either start a freight brokerage by acting as an intermediary between shippers and carriers or focus on last-mile delivery.


Without a huge investment, anyone can make millions from this industry. What do you need? Here you go: Build a website, identify the products you want to sell, open social media accounts, market them and prepare to deliver them.


This million-making industry has not really been tapped in Nigeria. For example, the drone business is not so known in Nigeria. You can buy drones from manufacturers and resell them. 

You can also acquire a team that produces drones industrially and sell them to other firms. Other business ventures that you can use drones for include security surveillance, private delivery service, aerial video shooting, etc.

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