How The Diamond Industry Is Fueling Nicky Oppenheimer's Wealth
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African CEOs - June 29, 2023

How The Diamond Industry Is Fueling Nicky Oppenheimer’s Wealth

South Africa’s second-richest man Nicky Oppenheimer net worth has soared above the $9-billion mark. The recent increase is attributed to the substantial boost in the valuation of his private equity investments.

Newsmen reports that Nicky Oppenheimer’s fortune currently stands at $9.05 billion. Since the beginning of this year, Oppenheimer’s networth has increased by $1.03 billion since the beginning of 2023.

His notable achievement can be attributed to his influential role in the diamond industry. Recall that Oppenheimer in 2012 sold his family’s 40-per cent stake in De Beers, a renowned diamond producer, to the mining conglomerate Anglo-American for a staggering $5.2 billion.

The transaction which gained global traction, helped the South African billionaire gain  $390 million in dividends from Anglo-American. Before the sale, Oppenheimer’s family occupied a controlling spot in the world’s diamond trade.

Other Investments Contributing to Oppenheimer’s Wealth

Also, the African billionaire’s private equity investments managed through Stockdale Street in London and Tana Africa Capital in Johannesburg significantly contributed to the $1.03 billion increase in Oppenheimer’s wealth since the beginning of the year. 

This comes as his strategic investments across Africa, Asia, the United States, and Europe have proven fruitful, showcasing his keen business acumen. 

Oppenheimer who is widely recognized for his unwavering commitment to wilderness conservation co-owns Tswalu Kalahari, the largest private game reserve in South Africa with his son, Jonathan. Kalahari provides a safe haven for wildlife and ensures that the region’s natural biodiversity is preserved. 

He also owns Fireblade Aviation in Johannesburg, which operates chartered flights and a 65,000-hectare Shangani Ranch.

This substantial increase further solidifies his position as the third-richest person in Africa. Oppenheimer’s wealth inches closer to Africa’s richest man, Johann Rupert whose networth stands at $11.9 billion. 

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