Landmark Deal: Robert F. Smith’s Apptio Business Sold to IBM for $4.6 Billion
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Companies - June 29, 2023

Landmark Deal: Robert F. Smith’s Apptio Business Sold to IBM for $4.6 Billion

In a groundbreaking transaction worth $4 billion, Vista Equity Partners, the renowned global technology investment firm helmed by Robert F. Smith, the wealthiest Black billionaire in the United States, has reached an agreement to sell software company Apptio to International Business Machines Corp. (IBM).

Following IBM’s declaration of their intention to invest a substantial sum of up to $5 billion in acquiring the software company, Apptio has consequently made the choice to proceed with the sale.

In 2018, Vista Equity acquired Apptio for a sum of $1.94 billion, effectively taking the company private with a substantial premium of 53 percent above its stock price at that period. Since then, Apptio, renowned for its expertise in online IT budget management, forecasting, and analysis services, has experienced significant growth. It has successfully attracted prominent clients and has been a driving force behind innovation in its product portfolio.

Cause of Apptio sale

The decision to sell Apptio highlights Vista Equity’s commitment to investment discipline and its dedication to creating value. Despite the notable decline in exit activity within the private equity industry, the firm has managed to sustain its momentum.

Since its inception in 2000, Vista Equity Partners, led by Smith, has swiftly established itself as a prominent player in the technology sector. The firm boasts a remarkable asset portfolio exceeding $96 billion and an impressive annual return rate of 22 percent.

In recent times, Vista Equity has displayed extensive involvement in the technology sector, culminating in 18 monetization events since November 30, 2021. These events encompass a range of transactions, such as full and partial exits, recapitalizations, block sales, and follow-on offerings, resulting in a combined value of $18.0 billion.

Since 2021, under the leadership of Smith, a renowned technology investor who became the wealthiest Black American in 2018, surpassing Oprah Winfrey, Vista Equity has achieved a total of $14.3 billion through monetization, which includes co-investment. Additionally, there remains $3.7 billion in unrealized value yet to be captured.

The acquisition of Apptio by IBM represents a strategic maneuver by both entities to fortify their positions within the technology market. This deal is anticipated to have a substantial impact on the industry, considering the esteemed reputation and expertise of Vista Equity, coupled with the worldwide presence and influence of IBM.

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