Here’s Why Samuel Foyou’s Brewery Suspended Staff 
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African CEOs - July 5, 2023

Here’s Why Samuel Foyou’s Brewery Suspended Staff 

The newest brewing company to open in Cameroon, Brasserie Samuel Foyou (Brasaf), temporarily suspended approximately 30 employees from work on the 1st of July, 2023.

In a briefing note, the managing director of Brasaf Jacques Kammogne on the 30th of June, 2023, said the suspension was a result of the company’s challenges.

The management also informed all Brasaf staff that the company is experiencing a decline in sales and production.

It further noted that measures are being taken to stabilize the company and restore growth as soon as possible. The note also revealed that the affected employees will be gradually reassigned.

How it all started? 

One year after its launch in June 2022, the brewing company announced the decline in sales and production  These challenges came three months after CEMAC competition authorities approved the sale of Guinness Cameroon’s assets to French group Castel.

The assets are now under the management of local market leader SABC, increasing its market share to more than 80 per cent.

Brasaf is expected to face competition from well-established players, namely the dominant leader SABC and Union Camerounaise des Brasseries, whose products are gaining popularity among consumers.

What you need to know about Brasaf

Established in 2014 by Foyou, who also owns a distillery (Fermencam), Braf’s beer, called “Slash,” contains 75 per cent malt and 25 per cent corn. The company introduced its first products to the public in June 2022. 

Brasaf noted that Slash stands out from others due to its quality and plastic packaging.

The company also announced the upcoming launch of “Krystal Drink,” a range of carbonated beverages claimed to be low in sugar and gas, but it is not yet available in stores.

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