Where's Peter Obi? 3 Things that's Happened Post Tinubu's Win
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Politics - July 6, 2023

Where’s Peter Obi? 3 Things that’s Happened Post Tinubu’s Win

Following Bola Tinubu’s election victory as the president of Nigeria, the country eagerly anticipates the implementation of new policies and initiatives under his leadership and many are left wondering about the whereabouts and activities of a prominent figure like Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Peter Obi, who is regarded as the president of the youths, took the country by storm with unexpected results during the presidential election in February. Let’s look at some things that have unfolded since Bola Tinubu’s win.

Peter Obi Challenges President Tinubu’s Election Win, Alleges Rigging

Since the declaration of Bola Tinubu as the winner of the February 25 election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Peter Obi has faulted it saying Tinubu did not win the poll and that the results were flawed.

Obi who had lost the general election coming third after Atiku Abubakar said INEC did not conduct a credible, free and fair election. He further went to court as an aggrieved party of the election to reclaim his stolen mandate and seek a redress.

Peter Obi Voices Concerns on Government Formation via Social Media

Peter Obi always runs to the social media to voice his concerns regarding government certain decisions following Bola Tinubu inauguration and urges for compassion and consideration towards the citizens of Nigeria.

One of the issues that drew Obi’s attention was the proposed 114 percent increase in salaries for elected politicians, including the President, vice president, governor, amongst others. He criticized the proposed 114% increase in salaries for elected politicians, calling it insensitive. He emphasized that addressing poverty and improving the standard of living should be the nation’s priority, considering the struggles faced by a significant portion of the population living in poverty.

Obi also directed his attention towards the demolition of buildings and structures carried out by state governments across the country. He urged the authorities to strike a balance between enforcing regulatory standards and demonstrating compassion for the affected individuals. 

This and many other tweets, Obi showcased his commitment to raising awareness about critical issues and challenging government formations that he deemed as neglecting the welfare of Nigerian citizens. 

PDP accuses Obi of rigging out Atiku

Ndubuisi Nwobu, a witness for Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate, testified at the election tribunal, claiming that Atiku was rigged out by Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate, in Anambra State. Nwobu alleged irregularities at collation centers, with presiding officers refusing to upload the results. He signed the result sheet under pressure and mentioned problems at the polling units, where he had to intervene to prevent violence. 

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