5 Viable Prospects for Cockroach Farming in Nigeria
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Business - July 11, 2023

5 Viable Prospects for Cockroach Farming in Nigeria

Cockroach farming, an emerging sector within the field of entomophagy, is gaining traction as a sustainable and potentially lucrative business opportunity.

The business has been described as one of the most effective ways of earning money because cockroaches can live for almost a month without taking food and for about two weeks without taking water.

While the percentage of individuals currently involved in cockroach farming in Nigeria is very low, countries like China, India, America and Australia have taken advantage of the industry. 

Without further ado, Let’s delve into five viable prospects for cockroach farming in Nigeria.

Great milk source for humans

According to reports, the milk gotten from cockroaches is more proteinous than a milkshake. Produced by Diplotera, a special specie of cockroach, the milk contains vitamins, omega three fatty acids, minerals, and linoleic and oleic acids.

Also, cockroaches possess heavy protein content that can help in building your body. For every roach milk you take, you consume 24 milligrams of vitamin B12. 

Cosmetic companies use cockroach wings

Cockroaches produce compounds with potential cosmetic applications. Reports say cosmetic companies value the cellulose-like quality of cockroach wings. They are used as cheap protein fillers in beauty products by cosmetic companies.

The breed used for cosmetics is the Periplaneta americana or American cockroach, a reddish-brown insect that grows to about 1.6 inches long and, when mature, can fly.

Wang Fuming, the largest cockroach producer in China, and the world revealed that he sells his cockroaches to producers of Asian medicine and to cosmetic companies.

Cockroach could cure cancer and AIDS

Cockroaches are being used as research potential for new cures,  including treatments for cancer and AIDS by pharmaceutical companies.

Papers from the School of Pharmacy and Chemistry at Dali University revealed that a portion made from cockroaches has been taken by millions of people in China, and some remarkable effects were noted.

Also, reports say more than 40 million people were cured of a variety of ailments after being prescribed the potion. These claims are still being investigated.

Waste Management

Establishing cockroach farms for waste management purposes can help address Nigeria’s waste management challenges while producing valuable by-products like compost and fertilizers.

This is because cockroaches have a remarkable ability to consume organic waste, including food scraps and agricultural residues. President of the Shandong Insect Industry Association, Liu Yusheng stated that “Cockroaches are a bio-technological pathway for the converting and processing of kitchen waste.”

It can be processed as Livestock feed

Cockroaches can be bred and processed to create high-protein livestock feed. It is a good source of protein for pigs.

It can also serve as a supplement in poultry and fish feed, providing additional protein and nutrients.

Nigeria’s livestock industry is significant, and incorporating cockroach protein into animal feed can enhance nutrition and contribute to more sustainable livestock farming practices.

Speaking about the essence of cockroach farming, Li Bingcai, said, “People think it’s strange that I do this kind of business. It has great economic value, and my goal is to lead other villagers to prosperity if they follow my lead.”

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