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News around Africa - July 11, 2023

Most Internet Scamming African Countries of 2023

Several African countries have become home to internet scamming and cyber crime as a result of the ever-evolving digital landscape. This increasing rise of internet scams in these countries continues to be a cause for concern as the deceptive tactics employed by scammers transcend geographical boundaries, targeting unsuspecting individuals worldwide. 

Cybercrime in African countries involves phishing, advance fee fraud, business email compromise, online dating scams, malware attack, amongst others. These methods involve deception, manipulation, and exploiting vulnerabilities to steal personal information, money, or compromise computer systems.

This malicious activity further improved the need for cyber security. Let’s take a look at some African countries with high rates of cyber fraud.


For years, Nigeria has gained a reputation for its association with internet scamming. The nation harbors a significant number of young individuals who have succumbed to the allure of online fraud as a means to attain quick financial gains. 

The prevalent form of internet scam in Nigeria is mostly commonly referred to as the 419 scam or advanced fee fraud. This fraudulent scheme entails deceiving victims by offering them a substantial sum of money in exchange for a nominal fee. Regrettably, the promised funds never come through, leaving the victims empty-handed and deceived.


Another African country that’s in the list of prominent centers for internet scamming is Ghana. As a country in West-Africa with a significant population of tech-savvy young individuals, the country has witnessed the exploitation of technological expertise in executing a range of fraudulent activities. 

Oftentimes, these scams include romance scams or dating scams, lottery scams, and employment scams. Ghanaian scammers are notorious for crafting fictitious profiles on dating sites and social media platforms, strategically enticing unsuspecting victims into their deceptive traps. The country reportedly has the second highest number of dating scam cases in Africa, following after Nigeria, and the sixth highest in the world.

South Africa

A fellow African nation, South Africa, bears a significant burden of internet scamming. This notable surge in fraudulent activities is as a result of the considerable population of tech-savvy young individuals, the country has witnessed. 

South African scammers are particularly adept at executing diverse forms of scams, such as lottery scams, investment scams, employment scams, amongst others. These deceptive practices exploit the vulnerabilities of unsuspecting individuals, perpetuating the prevalence of internet fraud within the country.


In Africa, Morocco stands out as one of the rapidly developing nations, but unfortunately, it also holds the fourth position in terms of the highest number of internet scammers on the continent. Numerous individuals from various corners of the globe, in search of love, have become victims of dating scams originating from Morocco. The collective losses suffered by these hopeful individuals have now surpassed $500,000. Additionally, credit card theft and job fraud are prevalent issues within the country as well.

Côte D’ivoire

Amongst Africa countries with high cyber crimes, Côte d’Ivoire emerges as one of the top five countries in Africa with a significant number of online scam occurrences. Over 300 cases of online dating scams have been documented in the country. Alongside dating scams, the nation also grapples with issues such as fraudulent websites, employment scams, and credit card theft.

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