See How Mr. Eazi's VC Fund Targets Growth in Nigeria’s music scene
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Business - July 12, 2023

See How Mr. Eazi’s VC Fund Targets Growth in Nigeria’s music scene

In the past few years, Oluwatosin Ajibade, widely recognized as Mr. Eazi, has expanded his influence beyond the music industry by investing in a range of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) through his venture capital fund, ‘Zagadat Capital.’ With a particular emphasis on Africa’s technology and creative sectors, Mr. Eazi’s investments have been instrumental in diversifying his portfolio and creating a significant impact across various industries.

The fund injects capital into SMEs, leading to job creation, fostering entrepreneurship, and driving revenue generation in the music ecosystem and beyond. This strategic business initiative not only challenges the perception of musicians as mere performers but also demonstrates their ability to be innovative entrepreneurs capable of generating significant wealth through investments. 

Mr Eazi’s several investment in technology and creativity

Zagadat Capital, Mr. Eazi’s VC fund, has played a crucial role in providing support and investments to a wide range of businesses throughout Africa. One notable investment is Decagon, an institute that specializes in training aspiring software engineers and equipping them with the essential skills required in the digital era.

Moreover, Zagadat Capital’s investment in Paisa, a platform dedicated to fostering financial stability for families, empowers individuals to take charge of their financial destinies. This investment exemplifies Mr. Eazi’s dedication to enhancing the financial welfare of African communities.

Another significant investment made by Mr. Eazi is PawaPay, a fintech startup with a mission to streamline payment systems and promote financial inclusion in Africa. By providing support to these technological ventures, Mr. Eazi is actively contributing to the establishment of a resilient and inclusive financial infrastructure while nurturing a pool of skilled professionals who can drive innovation in the industry.

Other celebrities who have investments

Bitsika, a cryptocurrency exchange, has received investment from global superstar Davido. Ajebutter22, on the other hand, has invested in both the talent-matching platform TalentQL and the web3 startup Nestcoin. Another notable investor in TalentQL is Falz, the Nigerian rapper and social activist.

Black Coffee, the renowned South African DJ and record producer, has shown support for the tech talent incubator ‘Andela’ and the fintech startup Chipper Cash by backing them. Additionally, Black Coffee has established a venture capital firm called Flightmode Digital.

During 2021, Édouard Mendy, the professional goalkeeper who previously played for the English Premier League powerhouse Chelsea FC and represents the Senegalese national team, made an investment in the pre-Series A round of Julaya, an Ivorian fintech startup. Julaya, aiming to digitize business payments in Francophone Africa, boasts processing more than USD 7.5 million in monthly transactions. Mendy’s investment amounted to USD 2 million, supporting Julaya’s growth and expansion efforts.

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