5 Industries that Make You A Billionaire in Africa
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Industry - July 18, 2023

5 Industries that Make You A Billionaire in Africa

Within the vibrant economic landscape of Africa, certain industries have emerged as lucrative pathways to immense wealth and success.

From technology-driven sectors to traditional resources and emerging markets, these industries embody the spirit of innovation, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that Africa offers to visionary entrepreneurs.

In this article, we will explore five such industries that hold the potential to turn ambitious individuals into billionaires in Africa. Let’s dive in.

Apps and online services

Apps and online services have become the norm in Africa today. This is because there is almost an app for anything you want on the continent. For example, if you want to watch African movies, the IrokoTV app is there for you, or if you are looking for hotel accommodation in Nigeria, Hotels.ng is available for you.

So, if you are looking for an industry to make money from this is a good place to start. Since there will be more problems, more apps and online services will be launched across Africa. Identify a problem and design an app to solve the problem.

If you can’t create an app, you can get a team of developers that will help you with it.

Real Estate

This industry has created a lot of billionaires in Africa. A very good example of such individuals is Sijibomi Ogundele the CEO of Sujimoto Construction Limited. With a vision to revolutionize the African luxury real Estate industry, Sijibomi has achieved impressive strides in Nigeria through his company.

You also can become a billionaire by taking advantage of this industry. While you may not have access to secure land for a big project, you can begin by becoming a real estate agent.


African billionaires like Aliko Dangote and Abdulsamad Rabiu made remarkable fortunes in the manufacturing industry. Dangote became uncomfortable with the large amount of money, the country spent on cement importation. This made him tilt towards the manufacturing of cement.

Also, his $19 billion refinery will address Nigeria’s oil problem with its 650,000 barrels per day capacity. The manufacturing industry has not stopped making billionaires, all you need do is identify a problem and be intentional about creating a lasting solution.

Renewable Energy

The problem of electricity is one that Africa battles as World Bank reports say only 1 in 3 people in Sub-Saharan Africa has access to electricity. As a result of this, companies are lighting the continent with solar energy and water.

This is why Africa’s solar market is booming. For example, Togo, a solar system developer, BBOXX signed a $4 million partnership with the government to supply 300,000 homes with off-grid solar kits.

So join smart entrepreneurs like M-Kopa and Off Grid Electric in lighting up Africa through solar energy. Collaborate with already existing suppliers of solar equipment and start small.


A World Bank report stated that Africa’s agribusiness industry is expected to be worth $1 trillion by 2030. This means that this industry will make billionaires in the coming years and you could be one of them.

Begin by determining the kind of services and products you want to offer. From fish to pig and cockroach farming, opportunities abound for you to take advantage of. Don’t sleep on it. Start now!

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