If You Want to Live Long: Here Are 5 Cities to Live in Nigeria
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Lifestyle - July 20, 2023

If You Want to Live Long: Here Are 5 Cities to Live in Nigeria

Living a long and prosperous life is the desire of every individual. As much as this has become your daily prayer, you must understand that there are factors that determine how long you will live.

One such factor is your city of residence. This is because your living conditions, accessibility to health care and security in your town can largely affect how long you will live.

While it is true that considering the city to live in should depend on your individual needs and preferences, we want to give you a list of cities in Nigeria that will help you make a better choice. Let’s get in.


Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State is known for its lush vegetation, beautiful beaches, and relatively cool climate. It is a city where you don’t have to worry about congestion. With a relatively low crime rate, Calabar boasts of a very clean environment.

Calabar is also a tourism destination that is blessed with an untapped rainforest and several game reserves, which include the famous Cross River Drill Monkey. It is also home to Tinapa Free Trade Zone which is the largest Free Trade Zone in West Africa. 

In case you are considering relocating to Calabar, here are some great places to live The State Housing Estate, Federal Housing Estate, Ekorinim, Satellite Town and Etta Abo.


Ibadan is home to a number of hospitals and medical facilities that are equipped to give you the health care you deserve. As the capital of Oyo State, Ibadan is a major commercial and industrial centre. Described as the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan is host to many regional businesses in Nigeria.

Staying in Ibadan gives you access to a variety of educational institutions (Public and private), proximity to other major cities in Nigeria like Lagos and Oyo, an affordable cost of living, rich cultural heritage and history, and numerous entertainment options.

Ibadan has become one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing cities due to increased investment from both domestic and foreign companies looking to capitalise on Ibadan’s large consumer base. Other benefits of staying in Ibadan city are the cheap transportation, affordable apartment and a relatively low cost of living that will help you live long.


As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is warm all year round. Its great vegetation makes it possible for air to be recycled easily. No wonder, Nigeria’s billionaire, Aliko Dangote chose to build his mansion there.

Unlike other big cities in Nigeria, Abuja is not overcrowded. The well-planned city houses people from different backgrounds, races and religions. Its modern amenities give you a better quality of life. 

Also, Abuja is one of Nigeria’s safest places. This is because it houses the government of the nation. It is a beautiful city, with good access roads, great schools, affordable apartments, and employment opportunities. 


Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom State is known for its serene environment. With a highly affordable cost of living, the oil-rich city is known for its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls.

It has been listed among the top five safe cities to live in Nigeria. In Uyo, you get to enjoy quality food, cheap transportation, traffic-free roads, and a lot of recreational centres. You may never know how having a traffic-free road can help you live long until you sit in traffic for 5 hours after sitting for 8 hours in the office.


Osogbo is one of those western cities that has constant electricity, a low crime rate, a low cost of living and a nice environment. As the capital city of Osun state, Osogbo has a rich cultural heritage and is home to a number of traditional shrines and festivals.

The city is a good place to build a business of your own. It is void of all the stress that can affect the quality of your life.

It is also important to mention that northern cities like Plateau and Kaduna are great cities to live in, but you will have to deal with the increasing insecurity situation in this environment.

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