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Politics - July 24, 2023

Presidential Polls: Why Nigeria is Tensed as Judgment Day Draws Near

As judgment day at the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) draws near, Nigeria finds itself engulfed in tension. This comes as anxiety builds up in the camp of the three major political contenders, President Bola Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Peter Obi of the Labour Party(LP).

The tension in the nation exists because the judgment of the Petition court is crucial to the country’s democratic process. It is also important as it will determine whether President Tinubu will continue his governance or a new leader will be appointed to guide the nation’s destiny.

In this article, we will examine some factors that could be the reason for the tension in the land ahead of the judgment of the Petitions court. 

The judgment could generate mass protests and killings

The judgment of the court will either dethrone Tinubu or establish his victory at the 2023 presidential polls. If the court removes President Tinubu from office there could be riots on the streets in Lagos and other states that voted for him. These riots if not properly managed can lead to the loss of lives and destruction of properties as witnessed during the EndSars protest.

On the flip side, if the court upholds Tinubu’s victory, there could be protests from the Nigerian youths who strongly supported and voted for Obi in the 25th of February presidential election. This is because they have been waiting for the court to give a fair judgment as instructed by Obi. If the court fails to give a judgment that’s fair to them, then they will hit the streets.

The looming protests and disruption of economic activities could be one of the reasons why Nigeria is tense.

Nigeria may need to conduct fresh elections

Another reason why Nigeria is tense ahead of the judgment day is Tinubu’s disqualification may require the nation to conduct another election. This is because the Obi and Tinubu supporters may not be comfortable with the court declaring Atiku as President.

Recall that the Director of Strategic Communications, Presidential Campaign Council, PCC, Dele Momodu, told reporters in Abuja that Atiku had surpassed 25 per cent of the votes in 25 states across all six regions. 

From the above, Atiku looks like Nigeria’s potential president but the opposition may not accept this without a fight. This may consequently cause Nigeria to return to the polls.

Conducting fresh elections in Nigeria will be double expenses as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may need to procure new election materials, such as ballot papers, ballot boxes, and result sheets.

The nation’s progress could be halted without a leader

If Tinubu is removed from office, Nigeria would be left without a leader. This could further drag the nation into untold hardship.

Without a leader to take the necessary decisions, the nation’s growth and progress could be impeded. When this happens, Nigerians would be forced to join the queue of those moving abroad for greener pastures.

Investors may become wary of investing in the country

Also, all the successes that the Nigerian stock exchange has recorded as a result of Tinubu’s policies could be brought to an end when he is disqualified. This may make investors become scared of investing in the country. 

It can also lead to a decline in the stock market and a slowdown in economic growth.

Nigerians would become more divided against political lines

The disqualification of Tinubu can also lead to increased polarization in the country, as people may become more divided along political lines. 

This can make it difficult to find common ground and solve problems. For example, the Obidients may not want to accept Atiku as president and the Atiku’s camp may not agree to another election.

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