VP Kamala Harris Holds Talk with Tinubu to Enhance US-Nigeria Economic Ties: What to Note
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Politics - July 28, 2023

VP Kamala Harris Holds Talk with Tinubu to Enhance US-Nigeria Economic Ties: What to Note

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the USA, took to her official Twitter handle to express the United States’ dedication to strengthening economic relations with Nigeria. She revealed through her official Twitter handle that she had a conversation with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu regarding the enhancement of ties between the two nations.

She said “Today, I spoke with President Tinubu of Nigeria about the strong ties between the Nigerian and American people and our shared work on global and regional issues—from defending democracy in West Africa and the Sahel to promoting digital inclusion and economic growth.” 

Kamala, advocating for democracy

Kamala Harris commended the reform efforts of the Federal Government and encouraged Nigeria to stay on that path. She emphasized the United States’ commitment to supporting democracy in Africa, particularly in the West African sub-region, and assured assistance to Nigeria in its fight against terrorism.

Furthermore, the US Vice President highlighted the importance of embracing energy transitions in Africa, including Nigeria. This indicates the USA’s willingness to collaborate and support sustainable energy initiatives on the continent.

President Tinubu’s response 

In his response, President Tinubu thanked Harris for the telephone call and her words of encouragement on the efforts taken so far on the economy, but added that “the developments in the Niger Republic dampen spirits.”

He said ECOWAS under his watch would do all that is necessary to restore democracy in Niger while counting on the support of the US.

Tinubu’s call for increased private investments

President Tinubu made a strong appeal for increased private-sector investment, specifically urging the United States to take a leading role in this endeavor. He highlighted the need to address the issue of the fuel subsidy, which had been marred by fraudulent activities benefiting only a select few at the expense of the nation’s wealth.

Tinubu stressed the importance of US support in attracting investments that could mitigate the impact of subsidy removal in Nigeria. He emphasized the significance of foreign direct investment flowing into the country, particularly in tapping into the abundant gas resources. The President expressed regret over the inability to finance gas pipelines to Europe and compete effectively in the gas market, considering it a significant disadvantage for the nation.

Tinubu’s take on climate change

Regarding climate change, the President reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to pursuing alternative energy sources. However, he earnestly appealed to developed nations to grasp the challenges faced by developing countries, including those in Africa, in dealing with this global issue.

The conversation between the two leaders also revolved around enhancing bilateral relations between their respective countries and collaborating on global and regional matters of mutual interest.

Furthermore, the discussions, spanning approximately 40 minutes, encompassed crucial topics such as safeguarding democracy in West Africa and The Sahel and promoting digital inclusion to bridge the digital divide.

Key fact to note

President Joe Biden emphasized that his administration has diligently worked to bolster the relationship between the United States and Nigeria, and he eagerly anticipates carrying on these efforts in collaboration with President Tinubu. 

Recognizing the significance of Nigeria’s prosperity to the global community, President Biden affirmed the United States’ commitment to maintaining a strong and cooperative association with Nigeria as a trusted friend and partner.

The President reiterated the United States’ dedication to working closely with Nigeria, with the shared goal of fostering a more peaceful and prosperous future for the entire world.

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