How Twitter Introduces Ad Revenue, Enabling Nigerian Creators to Monetize Their Content
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Business - August 8, 2023

How Twitter Introduces Ad Revenue, Enabling Nigerian Creators to Monetize Their Content

Nigerian content producers and social media personalities are now beginning to receive their initial earnings from X, which was previously referred to as Twitter, via its ad revenue-sharing initiative.

Although the disbursements had already commenced for X users in the United States at the beginning of the previous month, X made a declaration that this practice would be expanded to encompass users worldwide by the conclusion of July.

As a result of this development, verified users in Nigeria and various other countries who have achieved the required threshold of content impressions are now receiving compensation. 

Numerous content generators who have received these earnings have taken to the microblogging site to express their gratitude towards the owner of the platform, Elon Musk. According to their statements, Musk has provided them with an incentive to remain active on the platform and to persist in crafting compelling content.

This payout signifies that many individuals who had previously chosen not to invest in the premium blue badge, yet consistently share content that garners significant impressions, will now find increased motivation to subscribe to the service, which comes at a monthly cost of N3,560.

The eligibility for payments

To qualify for the payout, Twitter has outlined several criteria. The content creator must either have a subscription to Twitter Blue or be a verified organization. Furthermore, the creator should have achieved “a minimum of 5 million impressions on their posts in each of the preceding 3 months.” 

Additionally, their content must pass a human review process adhering to the Creator Monetization Standards. Moreover, the user must possess a follower count of at least 500.

Twitter has also stated that creators will need to establish a Stripe account, as Twitter collaborates with Stripe for payouts. This requirement applies to the initial group of creators who have already enrolled in creator subscriptions.

Process to join the payroll

Qualified users can easily enroll and configure payments within the app’s Monetization section, accessible via the side menu on iOS and Android, and the overflow menu on the web. While clicking on “Join and set up payouts,” it will redirect you to the payment processor, Stripe, where you can establish an account to receive your earnings.

Your Stripe account will serve as the platform through which you can transfer funds to your external bank account. After you opt-in, payouts will occur on a regular basis, provided that you’ve accumulated over $50 USD.

X has the authority to alter or terminate the Program at its sole discretion, which may include reasons related to business, financial, or legal considerations.It also retains the prerogative to approve or withdraw your involvement in this ads revenue share program, solely guided by business, financial, or legal factors. It is important to adhere to the Ads Revenue Program Terms as specified by the company.

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