NFF Slammed for Unpaid Bonuses of Super Falcons by FIFPRO
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Sports - August 9, 2023

NFF Slammed for Unpaid Bonuses of Super Falcons by FIFPRO

Merely twenty-four hours following the Super Falcons’ exit from the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, a verbal dispute has erupted between the International Federation of Professional Footballers and the Nigeria Football Federation regarding the settlement of unpaid bonuses and allowances owed to the players, a matter stretching back to 2021.

FIFPro acknowledged receipt of grievances from the players concerning their pending payments from the federation. Additionally, FIFPro highlighted the players’ resolute commitment to securing their dues, while managing to maintain their focus during the tournament.

Some Super Eagles players aired their grievances

Several football stakeholders within the nation have united their voices, urging the Nigerian Football Federation to settle the unpaid allowances owed to members of the Super Falcons. These include both current and former Super Eagles players.

This synchronized appeal underscores the strong bonds within Nigeria’s national football teams and underscores the pressing need for equitable and impartial treatment of all players. As the Super Falcons are anticipated to head back home in the near future, football enthusiasts worldwide are keenly observing how the NFF addresses this situation.

NFF’s response to the allegation

Undeterred by FIFPRO’s engagement, the NFF issued a distinct declaration dismissing the requirement for external intervention. The NFF affirmed its unwavering dedication to fulfilling its responsibilities to Nigerian players.

The NFF highlighted their prior agreements with players for compensation, which were later improved through FIFA’s involvement, satisfying all parties. In case of victory over England and entry into the quarter-finals, players would have received $90,000 each; reaching the knockout stage earns them $60,000 each.

The NFF praised the Super Falcons’ World Cup performance, including their valiant Round of 16 match against fourth-ranked England and impressive group stage showing. The NFF commended their record of no regulation time losses in four matches, a remarkable feat for an African team.

Addressing concerns, the Nigerian football governing body clarified it doesn’t hold any grievances against the players themselves. The NFF assured that once World Cup funds are disbursed, the long-awaited dues will be paid.

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