Senators Get Holiday Bonus Despite Nigerians Hardship
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News - August 9, 2023

Senators Get Holiday Bonus Despite Nigerians Hardship

The President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, had earlier told the senators in the Upper Chamber that the clerk of the National Assembly will transfer money into their various bank accounts to enable them to enjoy their holiday.

This was contained in a video which surfaced online on Wednesday, 9th of August, 2023. According to reports, Akpabio made the statement before a motion of adjournment was moved at the end of the Senate’s ministerial screening.

He said, “In order to enable all of us to enjoy our holidays, a token has been sent to our various accounts by the clerk of the national assembly.”

Akpabio was later alerted by some of his colleagues that the plenary session was being transmitted live on television. In an attempt to save the day, he said,  “I withdraw that statement. In order to allow you to enjoy your holiday, the Senate President has sent prayers to your mailboxes to assist you to go on a safe journey and return.”

Nigerians React

Some reactions captured by newsmen saw Nigerians complaining about the wickedness perpetrated by leaders of the country.

A Tweep, Uyi Samuel wrote, “They keep sharing money meanwhile Nigerians are suffering this is an Act of wickedness.”

Another Ernest Rutherford tweeted, “The annoying part is that these bunch of thieves just sit down in the hall doing nothing, year in and year out, and still share tax payer’s money at every given opportunity.”

Stressing that Nigerians deserve the hardship, Taymee wrote: “No worries, we deserve all the despair and suffering until we get sense by force ..the electorate is more than the elected, yet the elected eat better than the electorate… Nigeria is unreal!.”

Furthermore, Peace wrote: “Just look at this shameless Nig senators. Meanwhile, people can’t even afford to put on a generator from 7-10 pm again. A shame.”

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