3 Reasons Why Azman Air Ceased Operations
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News - August 10, 2023

3 Reasons Why Azman Air Ceased Operations

Azman Air recently suspended operations indefinitely and asked all staff to proceed on leave without pay. Newsmen gathered that the current suspension was due to ongoing C-checks operations on its aircraft.

C-check requires an aviation maintenance technician to perform a deep inspection of a majority of the aircraft’s parts.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as revealed by a source close to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Failure to return four of its aircraft

It was revealed that the failure of the management of Azman Air to return four of its aircraft that were pulled out of service for maintenance compelled the airline to quit operations.

The source revealed that the NCAA has been holding a marathon meeting with the management of the airline on its future plans.

Shortage of Funds

The source also told newsmen that the Airline could not raise funds to conduct checks on the four other aircraft owned by the airline as they were due for maintenance at different times.

Fluctuating Nigerian currency

Moreso, the source said: “We couldn’t raise the necessary foreign exchange to bring back the aircraft to operations. Don’t forget that the naira had dropped in recent times and it has even continued to drop with this government. Currently, a dollar is over N900. Which market can sustain that?”

Speaking further, he said, “We are not the only ones affected by this challenge. Every airline is going through the same in our clime. I can tell you the fleets of most of the airlines have plummeted. We sell in naira and we carry out virtually every form of our operations in dollars. We buy spare parts in dollars, insurance, which we do in dollars…So, the terrain is tough. More airlines will go down.”

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