7 Things You'll Never See Rich People Doing in Lagos
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Lists - August 10, 2023

7 Things You’ll Never See Rich People Doing in Lagos

Lagos is a city of contrasts where the rich and the ordinary collide. As the commercial capital city of Nigeria, Lagos provides the environment for rich people to do business, while providing opportunities for ordinary people to survive. 

One would think that the uniqueness of its environment would bridge the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. But the reverse is the case. This is because the rich are singled out for their actions.

This article attempts to uncover some behaviours you’re unlikely to witness among the rich and prosperous in Lagos. Let’s get started.

Wait in line

Lagos is a city where you have to wait in line at the bank, bus station, court registry, or even in church. However, you will never see rich people waiting in line. Their financial status often grants them privileges and access that allow them to bypass queues and receive preferential treatment in various situations.

This advantage is one of the many ways in which wealth can significantly alter daily experiences.

Buy a bus ticket or board one

Most rich people in Lagos have their own cars. Those who don’t have their personal rides can take app-based rides. So you will most likely never see them buying a bus ticket or boarding a bus.

Their wealth often affords them the convenience of private transportation, such as chauffeured cars or personal vehicles. This exclusivity provides comfort, privacy, and the ability to navigate Lagos on their terms, avoiding the crowds and inconveniences associated with public transportation.

Carry a bag around

The resources of the rich people in Lagos often allow them to delegate tasks to assistants or staff, who handle their belongings and ensure their needs are met. 

Also, their ability to afford premium services and conveniences means that they can avoid situations where they would need to carry personal items themselves. 

Look at price tags 

Looking at price tags at supermarkets, eateries or malls is an uncommon practice for the rich people in Lagos. This is because their financial comfort allows them to focus on the quality and suitability of items rather than being constrained by cost considerations.

They make purchasing decisions based on their preferences and needs rather than being limited by budget concerns.

Pay living expenses themselves

Rich people in Lagos hardly pay living expenses themselves. From housing, food, clothing, healthcare, and transportation, these rich people delegate these responsibilities to assistants and household managers.

These individuals handle various aspects of daily life, from bill payments to organizing services, freeing the wealthy from the practicalities of managing their own living expenses

Put case or screen guards on their expensive gadgets

Many rich people put cases or screen guards on their expensive gadgets to protect them from damage. But some rich people in Lagos hardly do this because they have the financial capacity to possess another one, if anything goes wrong.

Be experts to make money 

In Lagos, rich people don’t need to be an expert at a thing to make money. This is because they can take a little risk with a lot of money & can employ expert wealth managers to help them invest.

While you will need to learn a trade to make money, they can pay you who have learnt the trade to make money for them.

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