7 Pros and Cons of Relocating to Austria From Nigeria
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Lists - August 11, 2023

7 Pros and Cons of Relocating to Austria From Nigeria

Thinking about moving from Nigeria to Austria is a big decision with good things and of course its challenges. From the cool things in Austria to the things that might be hard, you might want to look at how best Austria is right for you whether it’s for school, work, or a new adventure.

This article highlights what to expect when you move from Nigeria to Austria, from embracing Austria’s rich heritage and exploring its picturesque landscapes to navigating potential language barriers and adjusting to a different way of life. Let’s dive in.


Quality of Life

Austria promises a high-quality life with excellent healthcare, education, and easy transportation. Unlike the hustle of other places, life here moves at a comfortable pace. Austrians don’t chase time or overwork; they value a balanced life. Taking breaks is common, as companies offer ample time off that Austrians truly enjoy.

Physical health is a priority. Many Austrians are active skiers, swimmers, hikers, or cyclists, emphasizing the importance of exercise and spending time in nature. Moving from Nigeria to Austria means embracing a lifestyle where well-being takes center stage. With top-notch healthcare, efficient education, and a focus on leisure, Austria offers a quality of life that nourishes both the body and the soul.

Safety and security

Austria is a very safe place. Crime is low, which means you can live and raise a family here without worries. Compared to other countries, Austria is really safe. In 2020, only a small number of violent crimes happened for every 100,000 people. It’s much lower than in the United States.

You can even ride buses and trains or walk alone at night without feeling scared. This is not so common in other countries, where crime rates are higher. In Austria, you can have peace of mind and enjoy a sense of security that’s hard to find elsewhere. When you move to Austria from Nigeria, you’ll step into a world where safety is a big plus.

Cultural richness

Austria is full of culture. People here love music, art, and stories. They have a lot of history. The country has many parties and events where they celebrate their culture. Austrians are nice and welcoming. Once you’re friends with them, they’ll invite you over for food or drinks.

In Austria, it’s about working, caring for family and friends, and enjoying life. They know how to balance work and fun. They like their jobs, but they also love simple things like being in nature and having yummy home-cooked meals. Moving from Nigeria to Austria means diving into a world of culture. From the beauty of art to the warmth of friendships, Austria’s culture is something you’ll treasure.

Education opportunities

Austria has great schools. They are known around the world. Big universities and smart research places are here. In Austria, school is important. Kids go to school for nine years. After that, they can choose different things to study. The first four years are in an elementary school. Then, four years in middle school. Later, students can do more school or learn a job. Some go to a special school and learn a skill. 

Others keep studying for four or five more years. This helps them get ready for university or other higher learning. Austria’s education is a chance for you to learn and grow. Moving from Nigeria to Austria means opening doors to good schools and a bright future.


Language barriers

Austria talks in German. Some Austrians know English, but language can be hard. In Austria, German is the main language. Some people understand English, but it might be tricky. It could make life and fit in a bit tough.

Moving from Nigeria to Austria might mean learning a new language. It’s like a puzzle, but with time and practice, you can put the pieces together. It might be hard, but it’s a step to becoming a part of Austria.


Austria gets really cold in winter. Snow comes down a lot. If you’re used to warm places, it might be tough. Winter in Austria is special. From December to March, it’s snowy and great for skiing. Christmas markets are amazing here. But if you don’t like the cold and love the sun, it could be hard.

Summer is warm in Austria. If you handle the cold winter, you’ll get sunny and hot days later. Moving from Nigeria to Austria means facing snowy winters and warm summers. If you’re up for the adventure, Austria’s weather has its own charm.

Employment opportunities

Getting a job in Austria might be tough for foreigners. There’s competition, and getting work papers could be hard. Jobs were hard to find in Austria during 2019-2021. In 2021, about 8 out of 100 people couldn’t find jobs. For people from other countries, it was higher (around 12 out of 100). But things might get better. Austria’s economy is growing after the pandemic.

Companies need people who can talk well with others and know English. This could help if you’re from another country. Moving from Nigeria to Austria might mean finding work is a challenge. But with the right skills and patience, you could find your place in Austria’s job world.

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