3 Nigeria Students in the UK to Be Deported for Paying School Fees Hours Late
Home News 3 Nigeria Students in the UK to Be Deported for Paying School Fees Hours Late
News - August 14, 2023

3 Nigeria Students in the UK to Be Deported for Paying School Fees Hours Late

Swansea University in the UK recently took the step of withdrawing enrollment for three Nigerian students due to a delay in their fee payment. The students, namely Omolade Olaitan, Emmanuel Okohoboh, and Paulette Ojogun, unfortunately, missed the deadline for their school by a few hours late.

Having clarified that their delay in paying school fees was due to Nigeria’s financial difficulties earlier in 2023, the students attempted to communicate their situation to Swansea University, UK. Regrettably, the university chose not to consider their explanation, retaining the N3.8 million (4000 pounds) fee payment and instructing the students to depart from the institution.

Sad outcomes for the determined students

The fee payment deadline was set for March 27, 2023. Omolade Olaitan, one of the students, made her payment on March 29. She recounted, “On the 29th (March) I got an email from income tuition. They confirmed my payment and they told me that because the payment didn’t come in before the deadline, they can no longer allow me to enrol and that I should pack my bags and go back to my home country.” 

Emmanuel Okohoboh, another student who was admitted to pursue a master’s degree in Business Management, is also confronting the possibility of deportation. Emmanuel shared that he had sold two parcels of land in order to gather the funds for his fees.

He said “They are not fair, they are not compassionate, they are showing no signs of empathy. I had to sell my dad’s land and a piece of my own personal land to get the resources to come to Swansea University to study. Coming here and going through this situation has been mentally draining and frustrating for me.

Paulette Ojogun, a fellow student enrolled in a marketing management degree program, similarly submitted her fees past the stipulated deadline. She was visibly distraught and shed tears over the situation. 

Paulette lamented: “I am happy that I am here, I am happy that I am studying, so why would you take that away from me because my school fees came in late? I’ve explained everything to them, I sent emails, and they still would not give me a listening ear.”

Swansea University confirmed the report

An email was sent to Swansea University inquiring about the situation, and the institution verified the occurrence. 

The school replied in a mail: “We are of course saddened by the difficulties facing some students and while we are not able to re-enroll them at this stage due to their UKVI status, we have offered advice and guidance, including on securing a refund and on deferring their study to a later start point.

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