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Corporate Press Release - August 17, 2023

Mobiclicks Unveils DataMuse Nigeria, Expanding its Footprint in West Africa

Mobiclicks, a leading performance marketing agency, proudly launches DataMuse Africa in Nigeria, expanding its innovative marketing solutions. Building on the success of DataMuse Africa, DataMuse Nigeria brings cutting-edge strategies and unrivalled insights to Nigeria’s thriving business and digital landscape.

This strategic expansion taps into the dynamic Nigerian market, empowering businesses for remarkable growth. With a focus on measurable results, DataMuse Africa is a trusted partner in performance marketing, collaborating with diverse industry verticals and delivering impactful data-driven campaigns for over 43 clients.

Ifeanyi Ugaoru has been appointed as the CEO of DataMuse West Africa, bringing with him extensive experience and technological expertise from Mobiclicks. As a seasoned industry professional, Ifeanyi will play a key role in overseeing the operations of DataMuse Nigeria and West Africa, guiding the team in providing exceptional marketing solutions to clients in the region.

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With a deep understanding of the Nigeria and West African market, Ifeanyi and the DataMuse Africa team are committed to driving visible and measurable results for businesses operating in the competitive landscape. The aim is to help businesses thrive by offering innovative and effective marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs of each client.

DataMuse Africa in Nigeria and West Africa will bring Mobiclicks’ extensive experience and technological prowess to the forefront, enabling businesses to leverage actionable insights, audience targeting, and cutting-edge marketing tools.

With a team of industry professionals, DataMuse Africa is committed to helping clients stay ahead of the curve, maximize their marketing investments, and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive Nigerian landscape.

Mobiclicks is a leading performance marketing agency that specialises in delivering data-driven marketing solutions across Africa. With a focus on innovation and measurable results, Mobiclicks empowers businesses to optimise their marketing strategies and achieve remarkable growth.

For more information about DataMuse Nigeria and Mobiclicks’ suite of performance marketing solutions, contact Ifeanyi Ugaoru at

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