Aliko Dangote's Real Estate Collection: Billions and Counting
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Billionaires - August 21, 2023

Aliko Dangote’s Real Estate Collection: Billions and Counting

Aliko Dangote, who is a well-known figure in the business world for his success in industries like factories and trading, has also quietly built up a collection of valuable properties. While he’s mostly recognized for his work in other areas, the properties he owns are worth paying attention to. Dangote is incredibly wealthy and considered one of Africa’s richest individuals. 

What’s interesting is that he’s not just focused on one type of investment, he’s also ventured into real estate by acquiring various properties which shows a reminder that Dangote’s financial smartness goes beyond his well-known ventures, and his real estate holdings show his diverse approach to managing his wealth.

$2.5 billion fertilizer plant in Lagos

Africa’s largest granulated urea fertilizer complex, the Dangote Fertiliser Plant, is a monumental property in Aliko Dangote’s portfolio. Encompassing 500 hectares within the Lekki Free Trade Zone, this colossal $2.5 billion investment stands as a symbol of innovation and ambition. 

With a capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum, the plant is acclaimed as the world’s largest. In a strategic move, Dangote unveiled the 3-million-tonne fertilizer plant, aiming to cater to both African and foreign markets. Despite the global challenges, such as soaring natural gas prices, this venture intends to supply Brazil, the United States, India, and Mexico with much-needed fertilizer. This property not only solidifies Dangote’s influence in business but also his commitment to global agricultural advancement.

$1 billion cement factory in Ibese, Ogun State

Aliko Dangote, through his company, Dangote Cement, Nigeria’s leading publicly listed company, unveiled a $1 billion cement plant in Ibese, Ogun State. This strategic expansion amplifies the nation’s cement production by over 40 percent, reaffirming Dangote’s pivotal role in Africa’s economic landscape. Located near Lagos, in southeastern Nigeria, the plant boasts a staggering annual output of 6 million metric tonnes, contributing to a total production of 20.25 million metric tonnes across Dangote Cement’s three plants. 

$500 million sugar refinery in Lagos

Through Dangote Group, and its subsidiary, Dangote Sugar Refinery Aliko crafted a  $500 million sugar complex that signals a new era of agricultural innovation. This Integrated Sugar Complex, spanning 60,000 hectares, is a testament to Dangote’s commitment to self-sufficiency and industry leadership. 

With the capacity to process 12,000 tons of cane daily, it features two sugar factories that will yield 430,000 tons per annum of refined white sugar, a noteworthy 30% of Nigeria’s consumption. Moreover, the complex’s 90-megawatt electricity generation, powered by ethanol, will not only fuel Dangote’s operations but also light up neighboring communities, showcasing Dangote’s holistic approach to development.

Dangote’s mansion in Abuja worth $14 million

Aliko Dangote has a super fancy house in the capital city, Abuja. It’s worth a huge $14 million! In this fancy house, there’s a special room where he meets his important business friends and government people. The living room is really cozy, bright, and super comfy – the kind of place where you’d love to just chill. This house is like a symbol of how rich and important Dangote is. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place that shows his success and style to the world.

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